It Ain’t The Fall That Kills You!

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It Ain’t The Fall That Kills You!

Anyone who has ever been subjected to parental alienation understands the mental and emotional toll this takes upon our spirits. There is no mercy. There is no reprieve and there is certainly, no remorse on behalf of those who seek to rob us of all we hold sacred and that is, our children. Instead, these are people who are devoid of any human compassion and have a strong sense of self-gratification.

When our children are unceremoniously stolen from us by an alienating ex-spouse and aided by their enablers and the family courts, we and our children are thrown into a free-fall, as we try to survive. Many times, there is nothing we can do to stabilize ourselves and are forced to endure what is happening to us. Try as we may, the consequences of these acts are permanently etched into our lives.

There shall be moments of weakness that can and do stretch into days, weeks, months and even, years during the times we are under the control of those who seek to force their will upon us. The mental and emotional abuse never seems to end or even, come to a closure. We are at the mercy of all who wish to cause us and our children chaos and harm on an emotional level.

However, there is good news in all of this. We need not submit ourselves to this type of torture. Instead, we can rise above all they do by standing up against them. This means that you must utilize every fiber of your being and heal yourself from the painful effects that is thrown at you. Do not become a subject to their will or else you become their emotional slave.

When we choose to make the conscious or unconscious decision to give up, we are defeated. However, we can and will survive if, we truly wish to. Much like the person who tumbles of the cliff, it is not the fall that kills you. Instead, it is the sudden stop at the end. For this reason, I urge all of you to be careful not to slip because, it will be perilous. You must not stop in your actions to fight back.

For just a moment, I say, stop because, I would like to encourage you to give pause as to what would become of the children of whom you profess to love so much if, you were to ever give up the fight. Would they be happier? Perhaps, live a better life or will they grow up to accept the actions of their alienating parent and incorporate these very same ideals into their own future families? Is this what you wish to happen?

For most of us, this would be unacceptable and therefore, will fight tooth and nail to insure this never happens. After all, we love them and wish only to see happiness in their lives. For the other half, you would be remiss in your duties as a parent if you ever give up the fight. Do not betray your children the way their other parent did. They deserve more and it is you to provide this for them.

In the end, we cannot control the actions of the individuals who cause parental alienation nor, can we change what is and has happened in our lives. This is all in the past. What we can do is, focus in on today and all of the tomorrows, as we fight to bring our children home again to the loving arms who will shield them from all harm.

You may only get one chance in life to prove what kind of a parent you are and I ask that you seize upon this opportunity to show your children how much you care and love them. Remember, it is not the fall that kills you, it is the sudden stop. So, keep moving forward in your quest of reunification!

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