Juan Gabriel just passed away

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Legendary Mexican crooner Juan Gabriel has just passed away, according to his publicist.

Juan Gabriel (Wikipedia)
Juan Gabriel (Wikipedia)

Know throughout the Spanish-speaking community for his ballads about love and of the broken-hearted, he would also play his upbeat and joyous Mariachi music as well.

Gabriel has sold over 100 million albums around the Spanish-speaking world, with millions of fans singing along to his songs from the United States to Spain, through Central and South America and beyond. Wherever there are Spanish speaking people living there is Juan Gabriel’s music.

“Así Fue,” “El Noa Noa,”“Ti Lo Pido Por Favor,” “Hasta Que Te Conoci,” and  “Querida” are just a few of his hits.

Alberto Aguilera Valdez — Juan Gabriel — was born January 7, 1950, in Parácuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. He signed with RCA records in 1971, and has since gained world-wide acclaim as a singer, arranger, producer and songwriter. He’s written songs for Aida Cuevas, Angélica Maria, Lucha Villa, Anna Gabriel, Luis Miguel and Rocío Dúcal, among others.


Gabriel never married, but he has four children. In the past few years he performed primarily for charities devoted to children, including his own organization, Semjase, a home for orphans and under-served children.

The singer has lived in El Paso, Texas for many years.

Juan Gabriel died today, at the age of 66, in Santa Monica, California of a heart attack.

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