King Tides at Windansea

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For the past four to five days the West Coast has been treated to another Perigean Spring Tide — the King Tides. On some days that has coincided with storm swells, making for some great photo and video opportunities.

Our reporter in San Diego has been down to the beaches the past few days watching and recording the early tides, which are typically the highest of the day. Depending on the area, the high tide has been between 8:45 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., here in Southern California.

You can check any number of websites for the tide tables in your area: Mobile Geographics, Accuweather, Surfline, and of course NOAA, to name a few.

The King Tides will return in late January; the ubiquitous “they” are predicting right around January 26. We will keep you informed when they appear.

You just might catch the high tide this morning, if you hurry.


All photos and video by Tim Forkes.