“Kinsherf’s Coat” a real highlight of Hollywood Fringe, according to unnamed sources

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Dramatic Leaks State the ‘Play Without a Play’ is Actually Fun, Innovative

Los Angeles — Bombshell reports have surfaced as the Hollywood Fringe sets to open that the weird, experimental “pre-show” experience Kinsherf’s Coat is a surprisingly good and fun event, despite offering no actual performance. Officially opening on Friday June 9, the “play without a play,” invites audiences to take their seats, peruse a playbill and look at a stage set. After 45 minutes, however, the experience ends with no performance having taken place.

Internal sources say that far from being just a big laugh put on by an aging and frustrated actor, producer Brian Wallace, Kinsherf’s Coat emphasizes the zest and camaraderie of an artsy night out. At least one person with direct knowledge of the project has stated that the program audiences will get is “clever” and “hilarious,” and a leaked email from a participant begins with the phrase, “THIS. IS. AWESOME. [sic]”

The music selection that will be broadcast during the pre-show is by turns classy and contemplative, they say, lending an air of something serious around the edges of an idea conceived with a light heart. And the set, designed by Brittany Blouch and Diane Dwyer, fits the whimsical mold while at the same time giving you something to think about.

“In a good way,” the source clarified.

Inside information about Kinsherf’s Coat has been distributed through a cell phone and email address closely associated with producer Wallace, so confidence is high that the scoops are an accurate reflection of the inner workings. When confronted about the possible identity of the leakers, Wallace only offered a curt, “no comment.”

Kinsherf’s Coat will be presented June 9, 15 and 24 at the Sacred Fools Theater Studio Space, 1076 Lillian Way in Los Angeles as part of the Hollywood Fringe 2017. Tickets are $10 but are available for free using unlimited discount codes. For more information visit www.kinsherfscoat.weebly.com