Knights in shining armor: Don’t expect from him what you won’t do

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It is very easy to envision what your perfect relationship is. However, is this vision encompassed with the perfect mate, interactions, personalities — just perfect, perfect, perfect with no real reality attached?

It is easy to wish that you had a relationship that seems perfect that a friend or family member might have, but if you aren’t open to being open, or expecting things that you aren’t prepared to do, you can’t expect those things from someone else.

Relationships are two-way streets — and on these two-way streets both people have to give and take. Relationships are work and require a person to be open, honest and sometimes vulnerable to another person. You have to be open, honest and vulnerable with yourself first, before you can do the same with another person.

If you’re dating someone and aren’t entirely honest with them, very private, not willing to let them in; then you can’t expect them to be the knight in shining armor that answers all of your prayers. This knight might need to be let in to your heart and allowed to get to know you before doing any rescuing.

It is difficult to drop the guard if you’ve been hurt before, but in life, love is a chance. It often requires being vulnerable to find out what you want, what you need and what you don’t want and don’t need.

Open your heart and mind in 2018. You may be surprised what you find.  Cheers!