La Tuna Fire forcing evacuations in Burbank

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A fast moving brush fire, dubbed the La Tuna Fire, has been consuming brush in North Los Angeles, causing evacuations from Burbank. The Burbank Police Department issued a statement, via Twitter, saying “NEW EVACUATION ORDER: Burbank, Groton Drive & Hamline Place east of Stephen Road now being evacuated. Pls listen for direction from officers.”

At 2 a.m. Saturday morning the BPD tweeted, “ will b keeping the evacuation area safe through the night & into the morning. If you are driving around or on foot, please leave.” Additionally the BPD issued an evacuation order for the Stough Nature Center are, telling residents that need to leave immediately. Having police officers go door-to-door was depleting their resources.

Map of the fire provided by the Burbank Fire Department, via Twitter

The La Tuna Fire is becoming a major fore and as of now it is only 10 percent contained. Below are the advisories from the Los Angeles Fire Department from Friday and Saturday morning:

Update Brush Fire; 2:23PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; High winds caused embers to created a spot fire across the 210 Fy approx 1/4 away. There are a (currently) unknown number of homes at risk and structural defense resources enroute. Additional 25 LAFD resources ordered in addition to full brush response from ANF, LAC and engines from Glendale Fire. No estimated acreage available.; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

Update Brush Fire; 4:22PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; Media Command Post is MOVING to Honolulu Av just WEST of Lowell. Precautionary evacuation (number unk) of Reverie Canyon. No homes damaged and no injuries reported. Awaiting acreage and additional evacuation info. Over 250 LAFD FFs on scene plus full brush assignments from ANF, LACoFD, Verdugo and at least 5 engines from Glendale Fire. In addition to LAFD air dropping helicopters, to include the contracted Erickson Air-Crane, LACoFD has 4 helicopters and 2 fixed wing super scoopers on scene. ; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

Update Brush Fire; 4:56PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; #LaTunaFire Fire is at approximately 500 acres with estimated 50 homes threatened. Precautionary evacuations underway in Reverie and Haines Canyon with loosely estimated figure of 200 homes evacuated. The evacuation center is Verdugo Hills High School 10625 Plainview Ave, Tujunga, CA 91042. The 210 FY will remain CLOSED in both directions from Lowell to Sunland, please refer to CHP/LAPD for all traffic closure updates. LAFD now has over 260 firefighters on scene in addition to a significant number from our assisting agencies (Verdugo, ANF, LACoFD, Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale). Current temp is 106d with winds at 11mph. Most of LAFD ground resources are dedicated to structural defense and our tractor units working to create breaks and stop the fire from moving to the Burbank side of the canyon. ; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

Photo by Ron Irwin

Update Brush Fire; 9:04PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; #LaTunaFire Fire at approx 1500 acres and 10% containment. We have a very large amount of active fire on both sides of the 210 FY. The 210 FY will remain a HARD CLOSURE from Lowell to San Fernando Rd likely through tomorrow morning. The precautionary evacuations remain in place through the night (Reverie and Haines Canyon) no additional evacuations. LAFD helicopters will continue to perform water drops through the night, all 250+ LAFD firefighters will continue through the night as will the camp hand crews. This topography driven fire has moved into Burbank limits and we are in Unified Command with Burbank Fire. We understand many residents on adjacent canyons in McGroarty Park area can see flames and are concerned. Currently, the fire is not burning in that direction and we have no evacuations in place for that area. Please follow our updates via or twitter @lafd and @lafdtalk for the latest updates. The evacuation center at Sunland Recreation Center remains open and ready for anyone needing assistance/shelter for the eve.; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

Update MANDATORY EVACUATION Brush Fire; 10:35PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; #LaTunaFire MANDATORY EVACUATION underway for the Brace Canyon Park area of Burbank. Firefighters are now performing structure defense operations to protect homes in the area. Residents advised to follow the evacuation order and leave immediately. Evacuation center at Sunland Rec Center (8651 Foothill Blvd, Sunland-Tujunga, CA 91040) and pets are welcome. ; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

Update Brush Fire; 11:20PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; We understand the concern of many residents seeing visible flames from #LaTunaFire. Due to erratic fire behavior, driven by strong, gusting winds, we are not able to give a firm prediction on all areas potentially at risk. We do have MANDATORY evacuation orders for the following streets in the Brace Canyon Park area of Burbank (Haven Wy frm Joaquin to the top. Olney Pl, Ramey Pl., Mystic View, View Crest) Please follow @burbankpd for the latest on those areas. Approximately 50 homes threatened in that area and the fire will likely reach the defensive lines at those homes in 30 mins. The current evacuation center is at Sunland Recreation Center (8651 Foothill Blvd, Sunland-Tujunga, CA 91040) but the Red Cross is now sending volunteers to open an additional evacuation center in Burbank at McCambridge Park (1515 North Glenoaks Boulevard, Burbank CA 91504). The LaTunaFire is burning in 4 different directions to include down over the hills towards Burbank as well as north through the canyons above the 210 freeway (Map being posted to twitter @lafd momentarily). We emphasis that anyone feeling unsafe in their homes, despite existence of an evacuation order, should not delay leaving. You can call 911 to report your home under threat of the fire and you should then safely evacuate, do not wait until it is too late. Please continue to follow @LAFD (twitter) for breaking news and all updates will post to our website where you can sign up to receive them directly.; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

Burbank Police Department via Twitter

Update Media Advisory; 12:02AM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; #LaTunaFire #MEDIAALERT The command post new location is Hansen Dam parking lot at Osborne/Foothill LAFD PIO’s will be on scene by 4AM tomorrow. ; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart

Update Brush Fire; 5:08AM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; #LaTunaFire The fire had sustained activity overnight and current acreage estimate is over 3,000 acres. The command will be flying the fire area at 6:00AM and will be conducting the operations briefing at 7:00AM, at which time we will be able to provide a more thorough update on the fire status. Evacuation orders from last night still stand (Brace Canyon Park) Burbank PD also issued evacuation for Stough Canyon Nature Center and anticpate DeBell Golf Club to be closed this morning. LAFD has over 300 firefighters on scene. No homes damaged and no injuries reported. More information to come in the next 2 hours. ; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

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UPDATE: The Los Angeles Fire Department has issued new evacuation orders. Here is a link to their ALERTS.

Update Brush Fire; 11:49AM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; Fire at over 5,000 acres with 10% containment. 1 home lost at (Verdugo) Crestline x Alene (near water tank). The home was at the end of a road with a draw on either side that allowed the fire to run right up. No injuries. This is a slow burning, ‘backing’ fire (meaning it burns down hill) and we have resources at the base of the hills to defend homes. When the fire encounters a canyon, it can accelerate and burn uphill. Yesterday the wind was erratic and we are watching closely to see what weather develops today. Erratic wind/weather is the greatest threat to containing and extinguishing this fire. There are no new mandatory evacuations in place but that can change at any moment with a wind shift so please monitor all LAFD and Burbank PD media channels and also be assured if your area is under evacuation, Burbank PD / LAPD will be announcing and knocking on doors. Evacuation centers at Sunland Rec Center and McCambridge Park remain open and pets are welcome. Please be Ready, Set, Go ( Number of homes under evacuation = approximately 300 in Burbank, 250 in Glendale and 180 in Los Angeles. 210 Freeway remains closed and CHP is handling and will determine when able to reopen. 4 additional fix wing water dropping aircraft requested from the State. Over 300 LAFD firefighters are working this fire in additional to crews not only from our neighboring agencies (Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, LACoFD, ANF) but strike teams now arriving from further afield. Total estimate of over 500 firefighters. Brush clearance plays a significant role in our ability to defend homes. LA City requires 200′ of brush clearance away from a home. That space allows us to put firefighters between home and fire but without clearance, we are unable to do so. Despite fire size, we remain confident in the plan in place and the work all firefighters at the incident are doing in defending property and lives. Evacuation update: MANDATORY EVACUATIONS: LA CITY – McGroarty Park area (McGroarty to Valaho in Tujunga), Wormon x Sunland (Sunland), Evacuees to shelter at Sunland Park at 8651 Foothill Blvd. Burbank remains the same with exception of residents living on Amigos Dr or Antigua Dr may return home. VOLUNTARY EVACUATIONS: Aileen x Hillhaven (Tujunga), McGroarty from Oro Vista to Plainview (Tujunga), Revierier area – Alene Dr to Hillhaven Ave, Reverier, Glen O Peace Pky, Tranquil Dr, Inspiration Way, Tranquil Pl, Hillhaven Pl (Tujunga). Haines Canyon Area= Charrick Dr, Charrick Pl, Estepa Dr, Wexlord Dr (Tujunga). Sunland= Shadow Island Dr, Wormom Ave South of Sunland EVACUATION WARNING: For Glendale communities Glenoaks, Mountain Oaks, Whiting Woods (Glendale evacuation center = Glendale Civic Center). Approximately 500-1000 evacuees being sheltered across 4 centers.; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

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LAFD photo

UPDATE: La Tuna Fire is now over 8,000 acres.

Update Brush Fire; 3:45PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; #LaTunaFire Incident is in Unified Command with LAFD, Glendale Fire, Burbank Fire, LAPD and in partnership with LACoFD who is assisting with resources to combat this incident. Total acreage estimate remains at +5,000 though we are confident it’s bigger and once we are able to fly the perimeter we will update the size. Containment remains at 10%. No loss of life and no injuries reported. 3 structures destroyed by fire: 7675 Verdugo Crestline Drive (2 houses on 1 lot) 7717 Verdugo Crestline Drive (1 house). Large, fixed-wing aircraft continue retardant drops. 1 drop done yesterday along Verdugo Crestline (before dark) and continuous drops today working counterclockwise around perimeter of the fire (Burbank, Glendale, Tujunga and now working on Sunland). A large animal evacuation center established at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center, 111117 Orcas Ave, Sylmar 91342 818-896-6541 UPDATED EVACUATION ORDERS: LA CITY – NEW MANDATORY order for Morning Glow south of La Tuna Canyon Road. No change to MANDATORY evacs for McGroarty Park Area (McGroarty to Valaho Pl), Wornmon South of Sunland. NO change to Voluntary Evacs for LA City. City of BURBANK: NO CHANGE to Mandatory Evacuation orders: Bracy Canyon, Havey Way, Viewcrest, Rolling Ridge, Reynolds, Mystic, Remy and Olny above Bracy Canyon Park, Joaquine between Haven Way and Bracy Canyon, Lamer from Brace to Wedgewood. Hamlin to Groton down to Kenneth. City of GLENDALE NEW MANDATORY EVACS: Glenwood Oaks Area – end of Boston Av, El Lado Dr, Cedarbend Dr, Tanbark Pl, Ferntree Pl, Beechglen Dr. New York Ave Area – Mountain Oaks Park, Celita Way, Kadletz Rd. Whiting Wood Area – Whiting Woods Rd, Lockerbie Ln, Lockerbie Ct, Hilway Dr, Mesa Lila Rd, Mesa Lila Ln. (Follow Glendale at Facebook @myglendale or @Glendalefiredepartment); FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

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UPDATE: This is the latest information from the Los Angeles Fire Department. Freeway closures, Burbank evacuations lifted and two firefighters went to the hospital for dehydration. Plus, there were (are) two fires in Malibu.

Update Brush Fire; 10:06PM; 10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd; Sun Valley; Incident is under the Unified Command of LAFD, Glendale Fire, Burbank Fire and LACoFD. Total personnel assigned = approx 800. Acreage = 5,800 Containment = 10% Freeway Closures: 210 East closed at Wheatland and reopens at Lowell, 210 West closed at 2 Freeway and reopens at Osborne. Evac Centers: No change from previous alerts. MANDATORY EVACUATIONS: LA CITY – NO CHANGE (1200 McGroaty Park Area: McGroaty to Valaho Pl; 1200 Wornom South of Sunland; 1500 Morning Glow South of La Tuna. GLENDALE: Glenwood Oaks Area – End of Boston Av – El Lado Dr, Cedarbend Dr, Tanbark Place, Ferntree Place, Beechglen Dr; New York Ave Area – Mountain Oaks Parks, Celita Way, Kadletz Rd. BURBANK: EFFECTIVE 10PM ALL EVACS LIFTED (Burbank only). VOLUNTARY EVACUATIONS: LA CITY; NO CHANGE GLENDALE – Whiting Wood Area, Whiting Woods Rd, Lockerbie Lane, Lockerbie Court, Hillway Dr, Mesa Lila Lane, Mesa Lila Road (Previous alert these were Mandatory Evacs). Homes/Structures Burned: LA City 3 Glendale 0 Burbank 0. Citizens/FF Injuries: 2 Firefighters transported for dehydration and in stable condition; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart.

Top photo from the Los Angeles Fire Department Flickr account