Love in a bipolar world: rewriting my story

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I am one of nine billion stories in the world. My story is unique and yet very similar to your story. I was born, adopted, raised, and went to school. I have failed and I have succeeded, I have loved and I have met heartache, many times. I do not believe in destiny, I trust in cause and effect. I honestly think we are the authors of our own biography. We are the writers of our own screenplay, but I never forget the Grand Creator is still the director. We are the poets of the sonnet and the title is your name. We can even throw away the script and start over anytime we want. I am always writing my narrative, and I have made God laugh several times with my silly plans.

Texas signsIf my parents had not adopted me when I was a year old, my whole life could have been something totally different. I would not have been fortunate to have known the people in my life. Actually, I picked my adopted parents (and to me, they are my real parents.) My mom recently told me, when they went to the adoption agency, I instantly approached her and my father. They both knew in that moment, I was the one. I made the right choice in picking these great characters.

Florida Freeway SignsI am constantly rewriting my story, brainstorming new ideas and synopsis for chapters to come. Will it all play out like I planned? Of course not, but improv and surprises can make life worth living.  Knowing what is going to happen would be like knowing what you are getting for Christmas and where is the fun in that? Although I admit, I have been known to peek under the tree.

In my past, I often felt like I was squandering my gift of existence.  Working so hard at a job I didn’t want to do, living in a place I didn’t want to be, it was time for me to turn a page in my book. I asked myself, if I only get one spin in this world, am I making the most of this life?  Why am I paying attention to my fears? I made a decision to venture into stand-up comedy and writing, taking a chance without a dime and see where it goes. I am learning to overcome my biggest fear and that fear is called Me.

Statue-LibertyIn the past, apprehension was the number one thing that held me back. Anxiety was a hurdle that I and I alone, set up. I was content with safety and afraid of failure. But you know what scares me more than failure? Not taking a chance and left wondering what could have happened if I gave it my all.

Griffith ObservatoryI have had some amazing tales on the road. With my comedy act, I have played comedy clubs, casinos, country clubs, corporate headquarters and $#!t-hole bars out in the middle of nowhere and I loved every minute of it!! I have seen things that I would not been able to experience if I was stuck in a nine-to-five. I have found “the real me” on the road. In my personal film/story I like to go off-roading whenever I get the chance and when I crash, I yell “cut!”

Texas signs pinkI truly want my story to help someone, because other stories have helped me. I have been inspired by other peoples’ legends. Sometimes our stories are tragic, other times they may seem like fairytales, but everyone has an interesting documentary.

Am I making a difference in someone else’s story? I sincerely hope so. I hope one day when I am separated from this world and move on into another medium, someone will read my chronicles and say, “Man, this guy was really screwed-up, but he meant well.”

Now go write your story!

Danny Keaton
Standup Comedian – Writer – Lover – Bastard


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Disclaimer:  I am NOT a doctor, nurse, therapist or a counselor, hell, I didn’t even finish junior college. I am just a regular person who lives with bipolar 2. 

I wish you health, happiness and love. Thank you for reading my blog.

If you suffer from bipolar or any other mental disease, please get help.  There are people out there wanting to help you in your journey. You are never alone, millions of us with bipolar are going through similar situations, GET HELP PLEASE.


For more information call NDMDA Depression Hotline Support Group at (800) 826-3632, U.S. Suicide Hotline at (800) 784-2433, or contact your nearest county hospital’s mental health unit for further direction on how to improve your life.

“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day.  Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now!  There are only so many tomorrows.”  — Pope Paul VI