Love line up or taboo lust

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This guy is great!
This guy is great!

Rich man, poor man, old man, young man. I don’t think we get to choose who to fall in love with. We don’t get to line up all these men and walk the line saying, “Too old, too ugly, too poor, too short, too tall, or too married.” (Even if it does sound like fun, we don’t get to do it!) Falling in love just happens. Sometimes whether we want it to or not!

You know the catalog of men you see on online dating that you can scroll through? All you see is physical looks and sometimes it isn’t even them or possibly it is them but ten years ago when they looked good. At this point, we can’t even tell yet if they’re nice, romantic, vain, controlling or how they are in bed. You certainly couldn’t live day-to-day with them yet. Will you be lucky enough to meet the person of your dreams right away or will you need to kiss a lot of frogs?

The words to that song keep running through my head, “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life. Never make a pretty woman your wife. So for my personal point of view. Get an ugly girl to marry you.”  Harry Belafonte. Let me understand this, the pretty woman might stray or will men always want her?

Oh wait — that's him in real life?
Oh wait — that’s him in real life?

Beautiful women can have a mouth like a truck driver, a horrible personality or a really bad habit and after a while they don’t look very pretty anymore.

I love watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Some of the most gorgeous can turn into scary, horned red devils with scratching claws. These devils in disguise are kicked off one by one and bachelors and bachelorettes not even noticed at the beginning start to move into the spotlight.

How about Catfish? Every day someone falls in love with a picture and the words that picture writes. Until they finally, if ever, meet; usually to find this isn’t who they thought they were talking to and falling in love with.

Friends with benefits are a great example of sexual love. Been there done that. Have you?  Do you regret it? Would you do it again?

She's not the woman I married!
She’s not the woman I married!

Some are lucky enough to experience love at first site. I would love to walk into a room, make eye contact with someone and feel the magnetic pull from across the room. Where something hypnotic or dreamlike draws us together and everyone else in the room can feel the electricity.

In another blog we talked about smelling each other. If you want to read it and get caught up, go Here. True love, the one that smells right and curls your toes is what we really want, you know, the lifelong- grow old together kind of love.

There’s lust or what I call taboo love. You know you shouldn’t because they’re married or belong to your BFF or are your BFF. If its taboo, it’s good. Sometimes the best sex of your life and the reason is because it’s TABOO!  A dead end road.

Talking about TABOO love reminds of an excerpt from one of my unpublished novels.  It was definitely, without a doubt, Taboo. Here it is, enjoy!

•••• •••• ••••• •••• ••••

You unlocked the door and we nervously walked in.  I could tell that you had already been inside preparing for us. Wine was chilling in a bucket of ice with wine glasses and I could hear soft music in the background. I kicked off my shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. I could see the flame from a candle reflecting in the dresser mirror telling me the sweet floral scent wasn’t how the hotel room normally smelled.

You were the perfect host handing me a cup of wine. We clinked our glasses before taking a needed drink to calm our nerves. 

You had on a nice shirt and jeans. It was the first time I had ever seen you barefoot and it was exciting watching you walk around like that. Somehow intimate. In all the years I’d known you, I’d never seen your feet.

Rose-BedI leaned back on the bed and rolled to my side to watch you busily walk around the room as if everything had to be perfect. I watched you adjust the lights and thought how lucky your wife was to have you walking around her house every day. I wanted you for myself. It brought tears to my eyes but I didn’t want to ruin what could be a wonderful night so I blinked them back knowing they would come later.  Instead, I just relished the thought that you were mine for the next few hours.

At long last you had the candles in the right place, the lights adjusted and the music at the correct volume. I knew it was your nervousness but I wasn’t going to hurry you. I enjoyed watching you.

FeetFinally, you came and lay next to me on your side and we were facing each other. We decided that we should just talk for a while. We were both very nervous and needed to relax. You and I had always found conversation easy because we were friends first and foremost. It wasn’t long before we were comfortably rubbing our feet together. The wine was warming our insides and taking the shock off. 

You reached up to tuck my hair behind my ear and caressed my cheek. I loved that about you. You always touched me so lovingly as if I was precious to you. 

“I believe I promised you a dance,” you whispered while taking the glass from my hand and setting it aside to pull me up into your arms. Your kiss was soft and loving.

Love-YouWe danced two slow dances while you sang sweetly in my ear. By the second song, every part of us, hands, lips, chest and thighs were straining to get closer. I could feel your desire for me and I was happy to keep it going at your pace. Our kisses became more driven and you pulled me down onto the bed with you. 

Our lovemaking was everything I had hoped for and more. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The passion was as incredible as we knew it would be. 

We had done it! We committed a terrible sin, one of the worst possible sins.  What did that make us? Adulterers! But there was no turning back.