McMurray Stern Cements Themselves as the Top of their Industry With Technological Storage Systems and Premier Engineering

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As cities increase in population and space becomes increasingly constrained, the necessity for innovative solutions escalates. McMurray Stern, a prominent storage solutions company, based in their native Los Angeles, develops custom solutions for the individual challenges that businesses face.

From conception to implementation, McMurray Stern integrates storage solutions into a myriad of enterprises. Offering solutions to a unique range of industries, McMurray serves corporations and institutions that specialize in several businesses, including athletics, distribution, healthcare, museum special collections, manufacturing, and military and government organizations.

As a result, McMurray Stern has established themselves as the paramount leaders of their respective industries – and such a reputation can be credited to their unrivaled variety, diversity, and seamless history of success and client satisfaction.

McMurray Stern has been widely regarded as an industry leader in storage technologies for more than 40 years. By rapidly adjusting to conform to a rapidly evolving world, McMurray Stern has been recognized as a dominant force – one that local Los Angeles businesses and international companies alike go-to for related needs.

In addition, their foray into cutting-edge robotics and automated storage system solutions has labeled them the premier corporation in the storage design industry.

As designers of premium automated systems, turn-key workstations, custom storage, robotic systems, and far more, McMurray Stern is devoted to rendering projects and ventures more productive and cost-effective. While this shift to automation stimulates productivity, it also alleviates overpopulation and strain on the workforce. McMurray Stern has provided value and benefits to a considerable number of businesses and has enhanced its solutions to satisfy the needs of all involved.

Kenny DeAngelis, president of McMurray Stern, comments, “My favorite part [of leading McMurray Stern] is creating a vision for the company and a strategic direction, thus setting up the company for future success.”

Indeed, McMurray Stern continues to identify new solutions to anticipated complex challenges; the company is committed to providing paramount services to its clients.

Recently, the storage conglomerate signed an agreement to become an integrating partner of HAI ROBOTICS, the pioneer in autonomous case-handling robotic systems. The company is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible, and customizable automation solutions through advanced robotics and AI algorithms creating value for every warehouse and factory.

Following this collaboration, McMurray Stern anticipates a doubled increase in revenue by 2022. Their newest collaborative partnership with HAI ROBOTICS reflects the continued strategic focus on delivering solutions to complex challenges.

“We are driving our newer automation business to match the current explosive growth that the industry is currently experiencing,” said Pat Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are trying to achieve this through aggressive marketing plans that started with a complete revamp of our website and reworking of our entire marketing and business development approach.”

Customers can minimize the need for various manufacturers on a project by combining McMurray Stern’s unsurpassed capacity to deliver solutions to a wide range of products and challenging spaces with HAI ROBOTICS’s boundary-pushing futuristic engineering solutions technologies, effectively saving time, money, and human resources for service operations.

McMurray Stern, headquartered in Southern California, has a distinctive yet formidable position in the storage industry. McMurray Stern continues to service the commercial, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, government, military, athletic, grocery, and retail industries, presently more than ever, having gained the confidence of organizations like Schaefer, FANUC Robotics, BBraun, Amgen, Oakley, and Kaiser Permanente. McMurray Stern takes pride in recognizing that no product is too delicate, and no venue is too arduous where they can make a difference.

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