What are the Best Ramen Toppings?

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Photo by Michele Blackwell on Unsplash

Ramen is a noodle dish that has been around for years. It was considered an inexpensive meal for low-income families in Japan. These days, ramen has become much more popular, and there are many different types available depending on where you live. People often wonder when they order their ramen what toppings to include with it.

The best ramen toppings can be subjective, but it’s safe to say there are some universal favorites. Here are some of the best ramen toppings:

1.  Chashu Pork

There’s nothing like a bit of pork to spice up your ramen, and chashu does just that. Most bowls of noodles are topped off with this tasty treat made using mostly fatty rib meat. Its flavor varies depending on how it was cooked. Some people enjoy them quite spicy, while others prefer sweetened broth or ones without any added seasonings at all.

2. Beef, Chicken and Duck

It’s hard to beat the flavor of a delicious bowl of ramen, but there are other toppings that you should try. Some people like their noodles extra chewy, while others prefer them softer. Some would say it’s all about preference when it comes down to how much sauce or paste goes into your soup. One thing almost everyone agrees on is beef, chicken, and duck are excellent topping choices for ramen. These meats can be served in thin slices or ground for a more robust flavor profile.

3. Flavored Eggs

If you are a frequent online ramen store customer, then you’ve probably seen egg as an option, but have you seen flavored eggs? One of the best but least common ramen with online toppings is flavored eggs.

These are hard-boiled eggs cooked in a seasoned sauce that often features soy sauce or another type of ingredient. The whites match well with their yolk when taken together on top of hot soup like miso-based noodles; however, some people prefer them raw rather than cooked so you can enjoy both flavors equally.

4. Onions

One of the best ramen toppings is onions, green or white and are the most commonly served toppings at most diners. Some people like to add them raw, and others prefer cooked, but they are both great in their own way. Onions not only provide a stronger flavor than other vegetables but can also give your favorite soup an extra crunch that you just don’t get from any other topping. If shoyu noodles aren’t on hand, it might be worth giving leeks some thought. They go well with Shio ramen;  serve them after they’ve been marinated for an additional spicy kick.

5. Mushrooms

One of the best ramen toppings is mushrooms. Although some people may not like them, all types are great for adding something extra and new. Some traditional ones to use include enoki, which adds an earthy flavor; shiitake absorbs flavors well, so it’s perfect on top when you want your broth to taste more pronounced, while wood ear adds some texture.

6. Corn

One of the more unusual ramen toppings, corn, is a sweet and delicious addition that compliments other ingredients. Pairing it with butter will give your noodles an even richer flavor.  The buttery taste goes great with noodles while also adding depth to their texture. Although this may not be an obvious choice, it will complement your dish and make it look vibrant.

There are so many toppings that can be added to your ramen, but the most common ones include chashu pork, beef, chicken, and duck. You can also add flavored eggs or mushrooms with onions for an extra kick of flavor. For something heartier, try adding corn on top. Ramen is one of those dishes where it’s all about personal preference when it comes to what kind of topping combinations work best.