Mt. McKinley to be renamed Denali

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The White House announced that on Monday President Obama would rename the Alaska mountain now known as Mt. McKinley to Denali, the name given to it by the native Alaskan population thousands of years ago. For decades efforts by the Alaska delegation to Congress to have the federal government officially return the mountain to its original name have been blocked by the Congressional delegation from Ohio, home of the president for whom the mountain is named: William McKinley, our 25th President.

President Obama during his weekly address (YouTube)
President Obama during his weekly address (YouTube)

“Denali” is the Athabaskan word for “The Great One.”

The president will be in Alaska for a conference in Anchorage on Climate Change and the Arctic and will officially change the name while there. He will tour various areas of Alaska, including Kenai Fjords National Park, focusing on the effects of climate change and ways to slow it down.

According to scientific consensus, climate change is the single most important issue of our time and the president agrees. many on the left wonder if this will change President Obama’s views on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic.

President Obama will visit the Arctic Region, the first president to do so while in office. You can watch his address on his trip and climate change below.

(Photo above: Denali/Mount McKinley and Denali National Park Road by Derek Ramsey, via Wiki Commons)