New Year Resolutions: Be real

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Well, I know it’s a new year because this morning for breakfast I ate food with the words “weight-control” on the box.

I also know because every other commercial on television is for a weight loss product. Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and this year is no exception for me and my fiancé. Of course, we have our own reason to lose weight — we are getting married in September of this year!

The key to keeping any New Year’s resolution is to be realistic and not expect too much of yourself too quickly. At the beginning of a new year, you feel optimistic, you feel fresh, you feel like you could accomplish anything. And so you make a list of all the ways you want to change yourself. Lose weight, be more organized, save more money, learn a second language, and of course, fall in love (which I don’t understand how that can be a resolution, you literally have almost no control over that but hey, I salute you for the courage).

It always starts out awesome. For the first two weeks, you are a changed person. You’re going to the gym, you signed up for your French classes, you haven’t spent any money in the home goods section at Target and you’ve been making eyes with that hottie in your spin class. But then you skip a gym day because your boss was mean to you – which leads to skipping three days, you binge on owl-themed table goods at Target and you find out the hottie you just KNEW was your future spouse is already in a relationship.

The trick is to set one or two of your most important goals and focus on those only, or set one big goal and make the other a smaller one. Obviously, losing 50 pounds is going to be more difficult and require more of a lifestyle change than say, flossing your teeth twice a day. Don’t set nearly impossible goals, or goals that you have no control over. Instead of resolving to fall in love this year, resolve to be more spontaneous, try three things you never have before, or make more of an effort to meet new people.

My resolutions this year are to lose 30 pounds in time for the wedding, and make more of an effort to stay in touch with my friends and family. We already started eating healthier and I’m adding my fiancé to my gym membership so we can start working out together. And I just sent a birthday card to one of my college friends who I haven’t spoken to in a while. At least I know if I can’t lose all 30 pounds, I can certainly put a birthday card in the mail!