Online dating profile made easy

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Everyone’s doing it. Just the other day I even saw someone from a Storage Reality show on a dating site. It’s hard to talk about yourself but here are some easy steps to help you find the love of your life.

  1. No Negativity – Don’t talk about how your Ex brought all the drama into your lives.
  2. No Politics – Don’t mention whether the Government is doing a good or bad job.
  3. No Sex – no subtle innuendos either. Example: BigSword69 or I enjoy indoor games.
  4. No Untruths – Don’t exaggerate income or body type and for goodness sake use current photos.
  5. No Details – Don’t mention you snore, wait until they think you are all that.
  6. Be Creative – Look for ways to make your profile stand out.
  7. Be Humorous – Most everyone says they want someone with a sense of humor.
  8. Be Smart – Read other profiles to see what works.
  9. Be Original – Explain why they should date you. Good morals or bad… fun, active lifestyle.
  10. Be Yourself – Write how you talk so your potential soul mate already knows your personality.

Use a little strategy and think of the best way to show the real you. Catch them on the first sentence to keep them reading to the end and responding right away.