A Poem 4 The People

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They say this poetry is for the people

so lyrically I try to be the ultimate reality to their causality

verbally switching the polarity of these sesame recipes

like digesting seeds from inside weed designed by celestial means

heavenly rhyme schemes conceived from Evol alchemy

spit without needing to breathe and blow out streams of destiny

poetic pregnancy

verbally ovulating until my conversation liquefies populations theoretically

poems like organic telepathy

A Poem 4 The People from the book Slaguage Arts & Griot Glimpses

insight a reverse verse conceptually
instead of writing poems and verses for persons
I write people into the poetry
stanzas and lines upon the aging facial lines
combine with my pages inside the sages of tangent times
chaotic complacent minds
incubate in think tanks and take the bait that hate provides
metaphors medicate saliva is the serum I provide
prescriptions from a distance
don’t catch feelings I’m next to my text just chilling
by mic stands demanding healing
toss thoughts watch em start flinching
cause these darts are art “putting drug dealers out of business”

think you live catch these vibes get high niggez twitching
addicted to the diction I’m spitting
but many are missing the mission
prolific cause I see my Slanguage before I spit it
remove your ears and place them up to the texture inside the frame
try to hear my pictures
moving through traps like cerebral crack heads
itching next to soup kitchens trying to get a scratch

my inner vision envisions an existence
where preachers and politicians
are replaced by writers painters and musicians

sure we possess our own cures living within the very curse
but won’t remove sleep from eyes and awake to our own worth

so yea label me a speech wizard casting spit like spells
chanting frantic facets of pavement incantations in each verse
with solvents of evolved ebonics held in place
by panoramic views of pangaeanistic poetic placements
I make it worse
as my creation shakes tectonic plates in order to reshape this very earth

*   *   *   *   *

From the book,  Slanguage Arts & Griot Glimpses (Black Jesus Edition): Poems 2002 – 2017.  Slanguage Arts & Griot Glimpses… is available through local bookstores and at Amazon.