Remembering the Union Workers Out on Strike for this Holiday

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This morning I read something I wrote five years ago about Labor Day. The labor movement is a nearly invisible shadow of what it was 45 years ago. It begs the question: Why do we continue to celebrate American Labor?

President Joe Biden is a union guy and we can assume his entire administration is pro-union. His Secretary of Labor — our Acting Secretary of Labor —  Julie A. Su, wrote a statement for today, explaining why we still celebrate labor.

Ms. Su writes, “On Labor Day, we honor the achievements of workers, while re-committing to the work that remains to build an equitable, empowered economy for all.”

Biden wants to bring the unions, from the roughly 11 % of the work force it is at now, to its 1965 rate of nearly 33% and beyond, we can assume.

It’s easy to become cynical after union membership and real worker compensation decreased since the mid-1970s, most drastically in the 1980s when the GOP made a concerted effort to wipe out labor unions.

Perhaps we (Myself) can start pushing aside the cynicism and look to the future because the number of people aligned with progressives (Democrats) has increased substantially, and these people will vote. It may take some years, but progressives can take control of government at every level in nearly all 50 states and start changing to address global warming and to decrease the pay equity gap through more unions, primarily.

On  that note, I give a shoutout to the men and women of SAG/AFTRA, the WGA, UAW, and every other union that is still walking the picket lines on this Labor Day. There are more unions on strike than we have heard about on a consistent basis.

CEO’s now make 399% more than the average workers and that gap is most likely going to increase, according to the Economic Policy Institute. That left-leaning think tank has some recommendations on how to address this problem without damaging the economy. It’s an issue we have been dealing with for more than 40 years.

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It’s another three-day weekend, with barbeques filling the air with the aromas of hamburgers, hot dogs, chickens, shrimp and other seafood; plus vegetables in their marinades. My mouth just got watery as I was thinking about grilling food. Scallops on the barbie …

Say goodbye to summer and if you want to wear white, or a tan suit, after Labor Day, go right ahead. This is America and we are supposed to be all about freedom.