Rep. Tony Cárdenas celebrates his birthday

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California Representative Tony Cárdenas celebrates his birthday today. He sent out a message to be share: “I saw my birthday card this morning and was so surprised to see so many people had signed it! Thank you for all your well wishes – it means a lot to me.

“Two coasts and two cakes”
From Rep. Cárdenas’ Instagram account

“I’m spending my birthday doing what I love, fighting for the American people.”

Earlier in the week Cárdenas sponsored legislation to honor farm workers activist César Chávez. In the release Cárdenas said, “Chávez was a prominent labor rights activist who organized migrant and farm laborers in the western United States. The Cárdenas resolution recognizes March 31, Chávez’s birthday, as “César Chávez Day,” and was co-sponsored by over 40 members of the House of Representatives.

The congressman’s father was a farm worker when he first came to the United States. He said, “César Chávez fought for my family and for millions of families across our nation and the world. Chávez believed in respect and dignity for all workers. He dedicated his life to positive change through non-violence so that all families could achieve the American Dream. As a Member of Congress, I am honored to have the opportunity to recognize his work.”

César Chávez in 1972 in Delano, CA (Wikipedia)

The release said, “Chávez is perhaps best known for founding the National Farm Workers Association, which became the United Farm Workers of America. In 1994, Chávez was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 2012, President Obama declared March 31st as César Chávez Day and, later that year, directed the Secretary of the Interior to establish a César Chávez National Monument in Keene, California.

“Rep. Cárdenas’ legislation recognizes the accomplishments and example set by Chávez. Additionally it pledges to promote Chávez’s legacy, encourages the people of the United States to commemorate that legacy, and honors Chávez’s famous rallying cry, “Sí se puede!” Spanish for “Yes, we can!”

Happy Birthday Rep. Cárdenas.