Sameday Health Strives to Transform Americans’ Sexual Health and Wellness

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Sameday Health is a national healthcare providers that specializes in personalized medical treatments. that offers same-day healthcare across the United States. The company, which provides services through its clinics, virtual appointments, and at-home visits, strives to give clients easy access to important healthcare solutions, including services related to sexual health and wellness. With the goal of overcoming the stigma associated with sexual well-being, Sameday Health has developed an effective and discrete way for patients to get the care they need in a timely manner. It offers testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), as well as female and male hormone panels, empowering patients to finally take control of their sexual health and overall sexual well-being.

Sameday Health Services

Sameday Health offers several services that vary according to a patient’s location. Here’s a snapshot of the top services the company provides to promote sexual health and wellness.

STD Testing

Convenient and confidential STD testing is among the services provided by Sameday Health. The company’s website explains, “STDs or STIs [sexually transmitted infections] can impact anyone who is sexually active – not just those who are ‘high risk.’ It’s possible to have an STD or STI and not even know it, as many cases have mild to no symptoms. Testing is the only way to know for sure if you have an STD/STI and to keep your sexual partner(s) safe.”

These services, depending on the patient’s location, are available both in the clinics and via home visits.

For those who are uncertain whether they have an STD or are unaware of which one they might have, Sameday Health offers two testing options. Patients can opt for the Twin STI Panel or the Extended STI Panel. Sameday Health offers education on what symptoms to look for if a patient is concerned that they have contracted an STD or STI.

Twin STI Panel

The Twin STI Panel screens for gonorrhea and chlamydia, two of the most commonly transmitted diseases. Although both often show no symptoms, there are some symptoms that may cause concern. More severe symptoms of chlamydia include burning during urination, yellow or green discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, inflammation, and irregular bleeding, while more noticeable symptoms of gonorrhea include frequent urination, abnormal discharge, and swelling and redness, sore throat, and pain during urination and sex. Whatever the outcome of the panel, both are treatable.

Extended STI Panel 

In addition to gonorrhea and chlamydia, the Extended STI panel screens for HIV 1, HIV 2, herpes type 1, herpes type 2, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Similar to other STIs, many of these have no symptoms. However, they can have a more serious impact on patients. HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, reduces the body’s ability to fight infection and can cause AIDS; hepatitis A and B can cause liver inflammation and serious or life-threatening complications; and, herpes type 1, or oral herpes, can cause sores around the mouth and lips, while herpes type 2, or genital herpes, can cause sores around the genitals or rectum. Unfortunately, only Hepatitis A is curable – the rest will require a consult with a provider to determine a long-term plan.

According to the Sameday Health website, it’s important to remember that “most STDs and STIs can be easily cured with medicine, but those left untreated can cause serious health complications. If your STD is incurable, … treatments can help you with your symptoms and drastically lower your chances of giving the STD to another individual, keeping everyone safe. Worrying about STDs is scarier than knowing [about them]. Get control over your sexual health because it’s never too early or too safe.”

Female Hormone Panel

Along with STD testing, Sameday Health offers hormone panels for both men and women. For women, a hormonal imbalance can affect their menstrual cycle and overall well-being. Those with affected hormone levels may experience irregular menstruation, low sex drive, painful sex, an increase in urinary tract infections (UTIs), unintentional weight fluctuations, mood swings, hot flashes, or breast tenderness. To help women gain a better understanding of their hormone levels and how they impact their overall well-being, Sameday Health offers a female hormone panel that analyzes the hormones that impact an individual’s menstrual cycle, mood, metabolism, libido, and sleep. Specifically, the panel looks at levels of estradiol, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSHs), luteinizing hormone (LHs), and cortisol.

Male Hormone Panel

For men, Sameday Health offers a male hormone panel that helps them understand the male body on a new level by assessing testosterone levels, libido, fertility, and overall hormonal functioning. It analyzes free testosterone, total testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, prostate-specific antigens, and cortisol, and can help those who are experiencing symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, prostate enlargement, heart muscle damage, unintentional weight fluctuations, insomnia, increased risk of blood clots, or mood swings.

Normal hormone levels are important to an individual’s well-being. Understanding overall hormone function can help both men and women take greater control over their sexual health and lead to improved sexual well-being.

Other Services

In addition to STD testing and hormone panels, Sameday Health offers vitamin injections (immunity boost, energy boost, muscle boost, weight loss boost, and beauty boost); IV drip therapy; urgent care visits; and health assessments. Every service provided by Sameday Health is designed to give patients the quick and efficient service they deserve while ensuring their privacy and maintaining confidentiality.

The Sameday Health Process

To receive an STD test or complete a hormone panel, patients simply need to log on to the Sameday Health website and schedule an appointment, either in a clinic or at their home. For STD testing, patients can also walk into any Sameday Health location to complete the process.

During the appointment, the clinician collects a blood sample, which takes about five minutes. For STD testing, the clinician also collects a urine sample. Once collected, the samples are sent to the lab for testing, and the results are emailed to patients through a secure server. If people have further questions, they can connect with a healthcare provider to review the results.

If test results come back positive for an STD or a panel shows abnormal hormone levels, Sameday Health offers ongoing treatment options. Patients can schedule a virtual follow-up appointment with a doctor, who can then review the treatment options available to them and the next steps to take.

Joseph G., a patient who received STD testing through Sameday Health, shares the following about his experience: “The idea of going and getting tested still scares me and makes me a little nervous every time, but the facility was well organized and very clean. The staff were very attentive and fast, very welcoming, and helped me get settled and feel comfortable. [I] HIGHLY RECOMMEND [Sameday Health]!”

Transforming the Future of Sexual Wellness

Sexual health is an important part of life. It can affect and is affected by other aspects of health, including a patient’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Effective sexual healthcare should address wellness considerations in addition to infections, contraception, and sexual dysfunction. However, physicians often underestimate the prevalence of sexual concerns in their patients. Many people are reluctant to discuss their concerns with a physician due to the social stigma associated with sexual health and wellness. While STDs generally are managed appropriately, overall sexual health usually is not discussed until or unless a problem arises.

Through its full suite of discrete services, Sameday Health is helping to overcome this stigma and transform the future of sexual health and wellness in the United States. The ease of receiving services has helped a vast number of people take greater control over their sexual health and wellness. Because patients are able to quickly book appointments online and privately receive their test results or virtually consult with a physician after a diagnosis, they are more likely to seek medical help when they need it. While timely testing can help patients identify an STD and determine an appropriate course of treatment, proactive screening for hormone levels can help physicians diagnose medical conditions that may adversely affect a patient’s overall sexual well-being.

Learning about the sexual health and behavior of patients is an important part of Sameday Health’s mission to provide high-quality, accessible, and efficient healthcare. By encouraging routine sexual health screenings and increasing the frequency of sexual health inquiries, Sameday Health is able to improve the overall health of its patients through early identification of sexual problems and interventions and provide opportunities for preventive care – with the ultimate goal of increased patient happiness.

About Sameday Health 

Sameday Health is a nationwide healthcare provider that specializes in personalized medical treatments.that focuses on delivering convenient, accessible healthcare services via same-day well-care. Sameday Health offers patients access to various services, such as COVID-19 testing; vitamin injections; IV drips; STD testing; Panel testing; and virtual urgent care visits.

Sameday Health medical services are available in one of the company’s 40+ clinics across 13 states, via virtual appointments, and via home visits. The company specializes in providing patient-centric transformative care through a team of caring and collaborative professionals, including best-in-class physicians.