Sex is just sex, until it isn’t

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We have all encountered the infamous relationship of having a friend with benefits ,,, you know, the guy or girl you can call, who is at your beck and call, whenever you have an itch that needs scratching. This friend with benefits or, FWB as some people like to call them, is someone to whom no strings are attached and after they leave your presence, after that passionate encounter, you could care less what they do, or who they do it with. However, what happens when the sex becomes more than just that and you realize you want more from this friend with benefits than previously thought?

It can definitely be tricky crossing from a casual, sexual relationship into a committed, monogamous one. It is important to know where you stand, what you want and what you are feeling before making your partner aware of where you’d like the relationship to go.

It isn’t impossible to go from being in a strictly physical relationship to one with more ground, but being honest is a good place to start. Whenever feelings develop, they should be acknowledged so all parties know where things stand. Often, we as people agonize over how we may feel for someone and the other person has no idea.

Although mind reading would be a great gift, it is impossible. Speak up and tell the person that you are with that the tides have turned and you now want a different kind of relationship.  You will never know how the other person feels if you don’t ask.

The worst thing the person could say is no, but at least you will know and you will be able to decide whether or not you want to keep the relationship as is, or move on to find the type of relationship you are in need of now.

Sex is a great thing and when you’re having it with the object of your affections and it is reciprocated, it is even better! Cheers!