Standing tall in the face of a past relationship’s adversity

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It is easy to get caught up in the past — who wants to relive the nightmare breakup that had you crying night after night? Who wants to revisit the sadness, the depression, the binge eating and the constant feelings of worthlessness? No one. However, struggle often brings redemption and the silver lining so what should you do when you’re feeling downtrodden and unable to get out of bed? You should get out of bed!

Life is a series of instances that flow together fluidly to create the next phase of our lives. Even though you dated the person of your dreams and you thought that it was forever; when it wasn’t, you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from the experience. Everything in life happens for a reason and those reasons paint the picture for the future.

Some people choose to reenact the same mistakes of their lives, but eventually they will learn how to value themselves to keep their lives moving and prospering to their future.

There is nothing wrong with being heartbroken. We have all been there, but life isn’t about how you handle being down, it is about how you handle getting up from being down. The jerk you liked that didn’t call — that’s his loss. You’re a catch! Positive thinking often renders positive results.

It can be tough to always be positive, but try it sometime. The past is just that — the past. Don’t let it destroy your future. You deserve the absolute best that the future has in store. Open your door to that possibility; you’ll be thankful you did. Cheers!