Strictly Holly Wood

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People watching and listening often results in interesting thoughts and wonders. Life is full of surprises, disappointments, but also change, renewal and growth.

The one thing about life that is forever changing is the relationships we create, the lives we enter and exit and how those relationships can shape our future.

One of the largest markets of revenue in the world stems around one major event in a person’s life: marriage. The market associated with the planning of a wedding and the follow through has increased in cost year after year for decades. However, one thing came to my mind as I began to nest in my honeymoon bliss; I never thought I’d get married or have children, but only because I’d had so many unsuccessful attempts in the past that I didn’t believe happily ever after existed.

It then began to flood my mind how many other women probably had the same thoughts day after day. Relationships can be tricky things and although there’s no manual for a successful one — there is this: happily ever after can happen for everyone with the right information, guidance and tools.

I often thought I’d never get married, but I had plenty of frogs before getting my prince. I realized that I had gone from a woman who believed all I could get were flings to a woman who now relishes the beauty of the significance of a ring and the commitment.

I believe that people should get what they want and that nothing is impossible, including love and a long term relationship one can be proud of. It isn’t hard to get the love and life of your dreams, you just have to believe in it and yourself. The sky is the limit!