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More Than Happy

The universe isn’t greedy. It’s all about sharing.

More Than Happy


The universe isn’t greedy. It’s all about sharing.

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August Letters: Elections and schools reopening, what could go wrong?

Letters to Jim: August, 2020 Summer is unfolding, the virus is still with us, and our president appears to be on the ropes as we head closer to the November

Trump’s secret police terrorize Portland, Oregon and COVID-19 continues to grow

Somebody I know posted this on Facebook: “Are you people listening to Trump's press conference?! People wake up! Vote for Trump or this country is going to be a

July letters to Jim: Will it get any worse?

We are halfway through the year and unless you have access to some marvelous hallucinogens, you probably can’t wait for the second half to end. Let’s take a look

Trump sells out the military in Afghanistan as the coronavirus spikes across America

Donald J. Trump sold out the U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan for … what? We can’t be sure. Why would the top people in his cabinet go along

Impact of COVID-19 in the Materials Industry

There is little doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic, currently ravaging the world, will have far-reaching consequences on various industries, especially on the materials industry. And it is not only

Sports take on injustice and COVID-19 while Trump sucks wind in Tulsa

Going into the fifth month of this coronavirus pandemic, with 2,222,600 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 119,131 deaths due to the disease, as of the morning of June 20,

Juneteenth Day is a celebration and a call to bend that moral arc once again

In his Juneteenth Day proclamation, California Governor Gavin Newsom started with a little history about why June 19 is credited as “Juneteenth Day.” The place where Union General Gordon

What? Me delusional?

Who needs a pandemic response team when we can just ignore

Protesting and the coronavirus continue and infections start to spike again

Every day we’re confronted with a new low from Donald J. Trump and his administration, with corresponding insanity from his followers on social media. American taxpayers had to shell out


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