Taking Note of a Few Things: The Post-Election Syndrome Edition

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The 2000 presidential election dragged on through the courts and was eventually decided by the Supreme Court. Since then, our election process has not gone much better and the likelihood of it improving in 2024 is slim. At this rate, the 2032 election should be finalized by 2050.

The remake of The Wizard of Oz bombed at Pennsylvania voting booths. Mehmet Oz proved to be a fake politician in this version. John Fetterman, a recovering stroke victim, was far more likable and believable as a politician than a doctor who made fun of his post-stroke struggles. When asked what his plans are now after losing his Senate race, Oz said, “With any luck, Donald Trump will select me as his next Surgeon General.”

Republicans have a big decision to make. Do they stick with Trump for 2024 knowing how toxic he is and that he has managed to pull in 10 million fewer votes than his opponents in two previous elections? If not, do they select someone who will follow his blueprint of leadership that ends up getting him or her impeached twice or do they ask one of the few decent people left in the GOP to lead their party in a new and more likable direction? Since likable is boring, my guess is they run with Trump or someone just as vile. Is Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson available?

Whoever replaces Trump has big pants to fill. Seriously, Trump’s waist is by far larger than his appeal. The easy money is on Ron DeSantis but how often does the front runner win the party’s nomination? Yes, the GOP has a history of rallying around an established white male, but it is not like DeSantis has a clear shot. He and Trump do not like one another so the pro Trump faction will want someone more in line with Donny. It’s also not as if DeSantis invites a return to decency and compassion in leadership.

Next month’s runoff election in Georgia no longer matters as far as the balance of the senate now that Democrats have secured fifty seats. It might mean the GOP will not bother helping Herschel Walker in his quest to become the dumbest person elected to the Senate. Walker can now go back to being the first living person to donate his brain to study the effects of CTE.

Senator Raphael Warnock (Warnock Campaign)

If the midterms proved one thing, it is that the White Entitlement is on death’s door. Republicans seemed to just assume they were going to get what they wanted; control of both houses. However, their brand of candidates showed voters that not even sensible thinking whites want nutjobs calling the shots when there are plenty of capable, sane thinking minorities to lead us. The GOP acted more like entitled brats in school who believe they just have to write down their name on an exam and they will get the “A” they want but surely do not deserve.

With the Senate secured the big question facing Biden now is will he decide to run for re-election. He may decide his work is done, especially if the public rejects the idea of Trump running again. However, if Biden steps down, who do Democrats turn to? Kamala Harris has not wowed the public as the VP. Is the country, especially the race hating folks who love Trump, ready for a woman of color to be their president? Is the nation ready for an openly gay man, Pete Buttigieg, to lead the nation? Will it rally around a well-schooled leader from the crazy state of California, Gavin Newsom? It could get messy for Democrats if Joe steps down.

The Red Wave not only failed in the midterms, but it has failed miserably in Russia for Vladimir Putin. Putin’s U-turn in Kherson has pretty much destroyed his idea of running over Ukraine and grabbing whatever he wanted. Perhaps it is time he and Trump go horseback riding and discuss their next moves.

And what does the future hold for Nancy Pelosi? Now would seem to be a good point to step down as the Dems leader in the house. These next two years would be a good time for a new leader to emerge as the face that FOX loves to mock.  On the Senate side for California, they desperately need someone to replace Dianne Feinstein. Could a scenario take place where Feinstein steps down next year and Kamala Harris slides over to replace her? I still wonder how excited the DNC feels about Harris as President.

  • Editor’s note: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has announced she will not seek another term in the Dem’s leadership, in effect stepping down. She will continue to represent San Francisco’s 12th District.

Currently the person to take her place as leader of the Dems in the House of Representatives is the current chairman of the Democrat Caucus Hakeem Jeffries from New York’s 8th District.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (YouTube Screenshot

Over eight billion served on the planet. Yes, we have officially crossed the threshold and passed the mark of eight billion people on the planet. However, if you are a newborn, there is a chance you will live long enough to see our population decline, according to some experts. What I do not understand is why is there so much emphasis on extending the life expectancy of man when our carbon footprints will make it challenging just to enjoy a deep breath of fresh air?

I know nothing about crypto currency other than I am glad it was not around for investing in when I was younger. I don’t know how it works, but I do know when it fails, it does so on a huge level.

I can still remember the time during a sixth-grade geography lesson a student announced loudly they had to use the bathroom, or they were going to wet themself. I followed up with, “Then you must be European.”  He rushed to the bathroom while I sat outside the class waiting for my teacher to remind me of the inappropriateness of my humor. At the same time, for the life of me I can’t seem to recall what I watched on TV last night.

The World Cup of men’s soccer in Qatar has started. All you need to know is Qatar is using this tournament as its host to remind the rest of the world where all our $6.00 a gallon gas goes. Not only is the host nation proud to show off their opulence, but they are also just as proud to show the world it is possible to be a nation of only heterosexuals.  It’s so straight, not even their dogs of the same sex dare hump another.

Qatar is also proof that the only thing that drives the decision making of FIFA, the organization that rules over all of soccer, is that it only cares about money. Human rights and tolerance do not pay the bills or line the pockets of FIFA officials and they need greasing on a regular basis. As much as I point out the flaws of major American sports leagues, FIFA makes them look like they are run by Boy Scouts.

The U.S. squad is very young and very green. Their average age is just over twenty-five years and only one player has ever played in a previous World Cup. At the same time, it also has the greatest amount of talent as it is filled with players who play for major club teams throughout Europe. If they make it through the group phase and into the single elimination portion of the tournament, they will either pose a huge problem to other powers by playing without the fear of any expectations placed on them, or they will collapse in embarrassing fashion.

Like the three major networks, I just do not have it in me to comment much on Trumpil Orangeskin’s announcement he plans to run for president again. To me, it is more of a legal tactic meant to buy him time from the feds than a political one.

There are songs when I hear them that instantly take me back to my youth.  One of those is Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” To read she is no longer able to sing due to an ALS diagnosis serves to remind me just how important art is in our lives. Like all the great artists who came before her, Flack’s music will live on long after she passes and serve as inspiration to new artists who will in turn create music that impacts others.

I have no idea how college football teams are rated when it comes to the playoff poll. Sometimes, I think they do what I jokingly did when kids came into my PE office and asked about their grades. I’d pull out a dart gun and shoot it at a makeshift board with grades on it. Some were not sure if I was serious while others just laughed at what just happened.

In case you are wondering, I actually relied on data when figuring PE grades. The dart gun was only used to determine grades when I taught Social Studies.

The NFL likes us to think they take player safety seriously by emphasizing newer and safer helmets along with stricter concussion protocols. However, what they fail to address is the horrific field conditions at six stadiums despite clear data that shows significant increases in major injuries on fields that use slit film turf, a certain type of artificial turf. With an increase in major knee and Achilles tendon injuries, these fields are ruining the careers and earning power of players.

Chargers QB Justin Herbert is a good bet
(Claudia Gestro)

What the NFL cares about the most is the bottom line and slit film turf is far less expensive to maintain than natural turf fields despite multiple studies that show there are fewer significant injuries on real grass than fake grass.

Another issue of safety players feel strongly about has to do with all the non-NFL people who work or take up space on the sidelines. Outside linebacker Aaron Patrick of the Denver Broncos is suing the league and the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers for the torn ACL he suffered when his cleat got caught up in a piece of carpet used to cover up a TV cable. Sideline and field improvements won’t happen until the league decides lawsuits are costing them too much money.

In case you missed it, Ivanka Trump has announced her retirement from politics. I am sure this will be a huge blow for the GOP as well as to her father. Now she can focus her energies helping her husband, Jared Kushner, advance his career as an arms supplier for the Saudis and Russia.

Enjoy Some Roberta Flack.