The Hottest Gaming Tech Trends in 2022

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The gaming industry moves faster than most. Gamers want a continual cycle of improvement in graphics, gameplay, immersion, and global communities of fellow players. Gaming providers respond by offering the latest technology and supporting trends that push the industry ever forward. Here’s some of the leading trends and products for the second half of 2022 that will continue to shape the industry in the coming years.

1. Esports Continues to Shine

Research from SkyQuest Technology valued the global Esports market at $1.08 billion in 2021 and predicts that to rise to $2.8 billion by 2028. The report pointed to multiple factors driving this growth, including the pandemic encouraging digital interactions, and mobile phone gaming which continues to provide access to millions. Gaming continues to grow in popularity among a range of age groups, and this broader appeal means Esports can attract more viewers and sponsors, and then offer higher prizes, which in turn further grows the interest.

There’s also monetary potential with Esports, fueled by advertising on Twitch and YouTube and partnership opportunities with notable gamers. Additionally this drives spending on high-end gaming setups that include more than just a PC and a monitor and includes professional lighting and backgrounds that appeal to massive streaming audiences.

2. NFTs and Blockchain Technology Transform Gaming

With Esports there’s also growth in gaming-related cryptocurrencies and NFTs, with some platforms adding purchasable NFTs within various games. They incorporate blockchain technology to open new gaming pathways and interactions, a move that enables some game makers to create different types of communities. These interconnections between popular virtual interactions and sources of value are an ideal arrangement that appeals to the typically younger Esports demographic.

NFT’s and blockchain make possible games like “Axie Infinity”, which follows a play-to-earn model. In this construct, players earn cryptocurrency or NFTs through their play and achieving certain milestones or goals within a game. They can then sell these digital assets for fiat currency and develop a revenue stream as they continue to advance through the game. It gives serious and casual gamers a chance to earn revenue and engage in trading with others while they enjoy an engaging game.

3. Moving Past the Console

Xbox announced its cloud gaming plans in the summer of 2022, which moves the company away from a console game delivery to entirely cloud-based gaming. It will give players enhanced options for customization of their gameplay, creation of their own gaming homepage, and various other features that will set it apart from a console experience. Other console providers such as Sony are following suit, continuing their push away from physical products to an all-digital delivery.

For example, the company’s partnership with Samsung allows smart TV buyers to access an Xbox app, similarly to how they use HBO Max or Disney+. The Xbox is another service, one that gives them an opportunity to buy games through an internet-connected device without the need for a dedicated branded console. It’s setting the company up for meeting the needs of new gamers who have never purchased a console as well as their current players who want a smoother and more engaging experience. The shift to the cloud coincides with the spread of super-fast 5G connectivity, which will reduce dreaded “lag” and ensure game providers can meet customer expectations for uninterrupted gaming experiences.

4. The Latest Gaming Technology

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