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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, we all sported a grin;
not a person was protesting about the color of ones skin.
No sign of Reverend Al or Gloria in all her red,
as people of color sat together and broke bread.

The streets were empty, and the stores sat quiet;
no one seemed interested in starting a riot.
The news did its part and focused on the good,
instead of stirring trouble in a struggling neighborhood.

Police sat bored inside warm patrol cars,
while friends celebrated, smoking Cuban cigars.
Our mother was in the kitchen, cooking up a feast,
while father thought of his son, still in the Middle East.

We sat at the table, as different as can be;
forgetting the past, while looking toward the possibility.
We remembered loved ones lost, and those in need,
we stopped pointing fingers, or blaming it on greed.

We were thankful for all that we have to enjoy,
and spoke of ways to build, rather than to destroy.
We marveled at the color that lay on our plate,
and forgot about the kind that is used toward hate.

There was laughter and joy, and good will toward each other;
we spoke in praise of the feast prepared by a loving mother.
And just as it ended, the doorbell rang,
and when it was opened, the voices sang.

Come all ye faithful, all through the night;
bring joy to the world, on this holy night.
Come all ye faithful, and hear what I hear;
Merry Christmas to all, and to all good cheer.


About the author

James Moore

Jim is a life long resident of California and retired school teacher with 30 years in public education. Jim earned his BA in History from CSU Chico in 1981 and his MA in Education from Azusa Pacific University in 1994. He is also the author of Teaching The Teacher: Lessons Learned From Teaching. Jim considers himself an equal opportunity pain in the ass to any political party, group, or individual who looks to profit off of hypocrisy. When he is not pointing out the conflicting words and actions of our leaders, the NFL commissioner, or humans in general, he can be found riding his bike for hours on end while pondering his next article. Jim recently moved to Camarillo, CA after being convinced to join the witness protection program. Contact the author.

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