Vladimir Putin Wont Stop With Ukraine

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The United States is ankle deep in another European war, this time in Ukraine. Russia, by order of Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine from three different directions, killing Ukrainians, including small children, along the way. What the Hell is Putin thinking?

Nobody knows. Putin is a nut bar, which is why some on the right, like Tucker Carlson identify with him.

ON Facebook I posted this, on the day Putin’s armies crashed into Ukraine: “The only way to stop a dictator like Putin is to put boots on the ground and planes and missiles in the air, then crush his military resoundingly. And if possible, remove him from power, from life even.

If the West, the E.U. and NATO, are not willing to do that it’s game over for Ukraine and every other small country that is bullied by a militarized tyrant regime.

War is war. People kill and others die. If the West does not want to go the distance, they should let Putin know he has won his prize and be prepared to do the same for China when they want to (finally) annex Taiwan.

Sanctions, like thoughts and prayers, mean nothing to people like Vladimir Putin.

Many of my friends are against war — we should all be against war —and believe there are non-violent ways to defeat Russia, Vladimir Putin. I do not believe that for a moment. All these sanctions that President Biden and so many of our allies around the world are imposing on Russia, his economy will be crippled — but Putin doesn’t care.

Putin has often stated he wants to rebuild the Russian Empire, starting with Ukraine. At first we thought he meant the old U.S.S.R., but that wasn’t quite correct. Putin wants the Empire of the Czars. The man has deep delusions.

On March 2, the Russians started shelling the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. What could go wrong? This was after they took control of the Chornobyl, site of the worst nuclear accident in history.

Putin wants to take over the entire power grid in Ukraine, especially every power plant, whether it is nuclear or not. That’s Putin’s jam: control the civilian infrastructure, cutting off all water, electricity (Heat), plus things like social media. While his military is busy doing that, they are bombing civilian areas. Including a pediatric hospital.

The carnage in Ukraine is heart breaking. The U.N. says over two million people have left Ukraine, mostly women and children. Every male, man between the ages of 18-60 is required to stay in Ukraine and fight the Russians. You can bet there that plenty of men under the age of 18 and over the age of 60 are staying, along with plenty of women. Anything a man in a military uniform can do a woman can do it just as well.

Putin’s army is killing civilians indiscriminately throughout the country — and Putin is lying to the Russian people about what is happening in Ukraine. He has blocked of META, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram and other social media. In fact Putin wants a criminal investigation into META because Facebook and Instagram are adjusting their terms of service to allow people to promote violence against the Russian army.

The United States, along with its NATO partners, refuse to engage in Ukraine, except to send lethal and non-lethal aid. I wonder. The reason we are given I that we don’t want to start another world war, one that would include nuclear weapons. But many Ukrainians — and others —  have said World War III has already started. Russia is now using foreign fighters from the Middle East, and fighters from countries surrounding Ukraine have joined the fight against Putin’s army.

The U.S. and our NATO partners won’t set up a no fly zone over Ukraine. That would indeed put the U.S. and NATO military forces in the fight.

Has a new world war started in Ukraine? I’m thinking so. Many Russia/Putin “experts” think the Russian dictator is unhinged, mentally unstable. One of the reasons Putin used to justify his invasion of is that Ukraine is led by Nazis Despite the fact the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not only Jewish, some of his family were murdered in the Holocaust. Putin will say and do anything.

Now Putin claims the U.S. and some of our allies are run by Nazis.

What do I know? I felt we should have sent U.S. and NATO forces into Ukraine before Putin started his invasion. No one wants to send troops into battle. But there are times when we have to do it and I believe this is one of those times.

Does anyone really believe Putin is going to stop with Ukraine? This past week Vice President Kamala Harris visited some of our NATO partners and said the U.S. was prepare, and ready to uphold Article 5 of the NATO charter, the provision that says an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all.

Just my opinion: World War III is started and we should be engaged with our military, along with the member states of NATO. Many “experts” don’t believe Putin can completely control Ukraine and Russian will be bogged down by Ukrainian insurrectionists for a long time. Putin is now claiming the U.S. and Ukraine are making and storing chemical weapons in Ukraine and many believe that is a pretext for the Russians using chemical weapons. They used them in Syria.

There are many reasons we should be more engaged in Ukraine, none more so than the thousands of civilians killed by the Russian army. Putin doesn’t care who he kills or how many. Instead of sending Ukrainians our thoughts and prayers, send more weapons and fighters.