LA Healthcare Professionals Report A Spike In Dermatology And Dietetics Patients

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It’s 2022, and the health report card for the people of Los Angeles is looking good. While many of the city’s services were impacted by pandemic closures and restrictions, business in the health sector is now booming. The city, which recently featured in America’s top 20 metro areas for healthcare, rivals Washington and New York in terms of the cost, access, and quality of its services. LA rates well in the areas of health outcomes, health spending, and behaviors. It has a life expectancy that exceeds the nation’s average, a rate of subscriptions to health insurance that is above the national median, and a smoking rate that is almost half that of other cities. Now that services are re-opening, many healthcare professionals are reporting a spike in patient numbers, especially in the areas of dermatology and dietetics.

Specialist Skin Saviors

Since their re-opening, dermatologists in LA have recorded a surge in patients as people rush to have their Summer skin checked and any skin disorders treated. Dermatologists, sometimes dismissed as cosmeticians, are an integral part of the healthcare system, treating conditions that are more than skin deep. As well as offering services for the treatment and prevention of sun-related skin conditions, dermatologists treat acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, hair loss, and rosacea. Given the high UV factor in the city, and dedication of many Angelenos to leading healthier lives, it’s not surprising that there’s a high demand for dermatology and skincare in LA. Skincare, while not itself a health service, can play an important role in the handling of dermatological conditions.

Bariatric specialists

During the pandemic over half of the population of LA county reported that the healthiness of their diet had changed, with 24.8 % of respondents self-reporting that they were eating less healthy foods. As the city re-emerges from isolation many Angelenos are taking trips to dieticians and other healthcare professionals to resurrect healthy eating plans designed to prevent illnesses, such as diabetes. Nutrition is a key factor in preventative healthcare, and with an epidemic of obesity sweeping the nation, nutritional experts have rated highly for years as sought after medical providers. The Los Angeles County adult obesity rate of 21.30 %  is almost half the national rate, reflecting the propensity of Angelenos to seek professional medical advice in the areas of diet and nutrition. After several years of altered and often degraded nutritional habits, people in LA are rushing to doctors to reinvigorate their health through diet and nutrition.

As far as the nation’s health is concerned, Los Angeles is, in many respects, a city unto itself. Locals have access to a wide range of health providers and are living longer and better as a result. As LA and its healthcare services recover from the challenges of the past few years, its citizens carry a renewed appreciation for the value of good health. 2022 appears on track to be the year that Angelenos avail themselves of the quality and diversity of the city’s services and visit the doctors and other allied health professionals who care for skin, for nutrition, and all the other aspects that contribute to a healthy human.