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Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search

Video SEO is the in-thing for digital marketers today. People would rather watch a clip on a certain topic rather than read about it. Like you would want your text-based material to rank on top of searches, video SEO is about optimizing your video-based content to rank on the first page of Google. Many optimization strategies work for video SEO, among them the following:

Choose the right video hosting platform

There are several video hosting platforms today, including Vimeo, YouTube, Brightcove, SproutVideo, among others. Like with choosing social media platforms, you cannot just be spontaneous with your choice of a hosting platform. The challenge with picking a popular video hosting platform is diverting your traffic away from your site. If you are concerned about publicity more than traffic on your website, then this strategy is for you.

Otherwise, choose a video hosting platform that will encourage people to visit your website, instead of having to deal with a sea of competing for traffic.

Always add a Video Transcript

A video transcript is a text that pairs with your video. The good thing with this strategy is that it makes your video content more accessible to your target audience through the keywords you use. It also becomes the best way to get your videos easily found and crawled by search bots for indexing. This is particularly necessary a step for any long-form videos if you want to achieve more impact on the rankings.

Fill in the Title of Your Video

Even with a well-written video transcript, you need a title to grab the attention of your audience. Ideally, an engaging video title is one that contains the target keywords, phrased in a manner to get people’s attention. It should provide a foundation for what the content is about. Look into headlines that can teach people new things, persuade them, entertain them or prick their curiosity enough to deserve a click.

Handpick your thumbnails

A thumbnail is what your target audience will see when your video is indexed. It acts like the snippet image giving your audience a sneak peek into what the content concerns. Think of it as a cover of a book or the homepage to your website. Handpick your thumbnail so you can keep it interesting and engaging. The thumbnail should be both emotion-provoking and thought-provoking. Make an initiative to shoot a series of photographs that you can use as the thumbnail for your videos.

Deliberate on the length of the video

When it comes to how long your video should go, the focus should be to retain the target audience on your platform for a long time. However, you must be careful that it is not too long that it becomes boring. Once you have fresh content that is resourceful to the needs of the audience, then you can be sure they will stick around.

Produce high-quality visuals

A video will attract huge traction if it is of high quality. If you want to do video and compete with the tough competition for a reasonable market share, then invest in high-quality production materials. This should include microphones and a good camera. Other than that, choose an environment that is not too noisy or too crowded with distortions. Remember about the tools you will need to edit your videos.

Always add a call to action

What is it you want your audience to do? If you want them to subscribe, comment, visit your website, make an order or purchase, and let them know. You are likely to achieve more results by being forward with your needs.

A lot can be said about SEO strategies, but when it comes to video SEO, it is the time to become more intentional with the efforts you put forth. To learn more, visit https://serpbook.com/blog/rank-trackers/.

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