When less is more

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In life, we’ve all always heard that in some instances less is more — for example, when you’re using garlic in a recipe, less is more; when you’re getting your makeup done for your nephew’s christening, less is more and similarly in the beginning throws of a new relationship or something you want to turn into a relationship — less is indeed more.

I recently had a friend come to me about a new guy she’s seeing, one that she is totally into. However, she gave up a lot about herself in the first couple of dates and now she feels the guy has backed off a bit. We discussed what transpired, what information she shared and how she now believes he is backing off. She asked me how I felt she should handle it because basically her finger was on the trigger, best known as the send button, and she wanted to know if she should text him.

I consider my readers my friends so I will tell you all as I told my friend in person — less is more.  I told her she would have to let the cards land as they may.  Yes, she likes this guy a lot and yes she might have divulged too much, but texting over and over isn’t going to make things swing in the other direction.

Most men that I’ve encountered don’t like over eager and that, along with a series of other actions, can often push them away and send them running for the hills. I told my friend to relax her finger from the send button and to just relax her mind. If things with this guy are meant to happen, they will. We as women have to believe that. Trust me, I’ve lived it. Men definitely only make time for what they want to make time for so if he isn’t responding, it is his loss. Remember that.

Instead of texting that guy, text your girlfriends and hit up some very happening Christmas parties — there’s bound to be someone there that will respond back after the first text. Cheers!