Yoda on the mountaintop

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Have you ever had a vision so real that you couldn’t tell if you were experiencing it or if it was just in your consciousness? Each morning I sit in my quiet place and wait for my vision to appear. Today, in my vision, I walked up a mountain. Drawn to climb this mountain, I climbed it easily. The lure to climb it was so strong that it made me very anxious to find out why. What would I see at the top? What was there? I kept climbing. I simply had to find out.

Sitting on this mountaintop, I could feel a wonderful soft breeze. It caressed my face, cooled my skin, and moved my hair in gentle, sweet cascades. Looking around, I had a sense of amazement as I realized that I was surrounded by hundreds of immense mountains. They were each one more beautiful and majestic than the other. Where the tree line stopped the snowcaps began. The mountains were a great array of many different elevations. As I looked around and took in the view, I was particularly drawn to a very tall peak on my right.

While I looked at it, a beam of light came into view. It seemed to start at my feet and go to the top of the vary mountain that caught my eye.  Whatever possessed me to step on the light is beyond me. I did, however, step on it and actually walked on it across to that other mountaintop. I wasn’t nervous or afraid on the light – I had a sense of wonder and pleasure and gratitude that this light appeared for me.

When I reached the other mountaintop, I remained very calm and very curious, even though I felt a presence there with me. Just a presence.

It was a peaceful presence that beckoned me to come closer.  As I walked toward the presence, I could see the image of Yoda start to form.  Yoda was very gentle, very quiet, very soft, and very wise. He was watching me as I was watching him. We seemed to be exchanging thoughts. I had questions and Yoda had answers. It didn’t take long for me to realize Yoda’s awesome wisdom.

As we continued to converse, Yoda began to change shape. Slowly and with a gentle flow, he started to become something else. I continued to listen as this beautiful energy took on another form. That form was me.  I became aware that I was listening to myself … my true self. Yoda no longer was in my presence. It had been me the whole time.

With the joy of a small child just learning to read, I climbed back on the beam of light and returned to the mountain I had originally climbed.  Sitting for another hour, listening to my inner wisdom, and thinking about this amazing experience, I was in awe of the truth of who I am … Of who we all are. I am now my own best friend, my confidant, my hero, and my mentor.

And what is true for me is true for everyone.