Beating obesity: Move it, move it move it!

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Oh how much I didn’t fully understand the profound significance of those powerful words so eloquently if forcefully bellowed at me and my fellow young Marine recruits by our loving Drill Instructors lo those many years ago. “Move it! Move it! Move it” are indeed words extremely rich in meaning not only for Marine recruits but indeed for all of humanity.

manwomanwalkingEven fundamental laws of physics tell us that objects, and that includes human beings, that are in motion tend to remain in motion while objects at rest tend to remain at rest. Just ponder that for a moment and grasp that an object which can include you if allowed to remain at rest long enough that rest can become eternal or put more to the point — dead. So yes indeed Sergeant we truly must move it.

Just to get a clear picture consider this. If you simply sit, perhaps at a desk or in a recliner and do nothing more than push a few computer keys or perhaps a TV remote you burn about 124 calories per hour. But if you merely stand up for that same hour and do the same things the calorie burn jumps to 168 per hour. However, were you to walk at a pace of 3.5 miles per hour for one hour you would burn 306 calories.

Arm Twirls
Arm Twirls

These numbers are assuming a 40-year-old male 5’10” tall and weighing 165 pounds. They will of course vary depending on gender, age, weight and height. Nevertheless the standing option gives you a nice 133 percent increase in calorie burn over just sitting. The increase from merely sitting to actually walking at a fairly brisk pace is a very sweet 248 percent increase in calorie burn. So clearly there is significant benefit in moving it.

But there is much more to good physical health than just sitting, standing and walking. Our bodies have somewhere between 650 and 840 muscles depending on how you count them. Regardless of how you count them muscles absolutely do need to be regularly exercised to maintain peak performance capabilities and that requires more than simply walking or even running. Regular sessions at a gym especially under the guidance of a good physical fitness trainer can do a lot to keep all of your muscles in fine tune. But if you lack the time or money for a gym or trainer there are still a few simple exercises you can do at home or work with minimum disruption.

  1. Arm twirls Stand up right with arms fully extended and rotate them in one direction for a count of 25 and then in the other direction for another 25 count. Cap it off by dropping your arms to your side and then raising them fully extend crossing above your head for another 25 count. It helps loosen arm and shoulder muscles.
  2. Desk pushups. Place your hands on the edge of your desk and put your body in approximately a 45 degree slant and then push up and let down at least 35 times per session. If you need to grow into that level so be it, just do what you can, increasing as you are able. It clearly helps strengthen arm muscles.
  3. Wall Sits
    Wall Sits

    You can help your triceps with a book press. Simply grab the heaviest book you have lower it behind your head and then raise it up until your arms are full extended, then lower it and repeat as often as you comfortably can.

  4. Standing calf rises. Stand with your feet together and flexing your calf muscles rise up on your toes and hold for ten seconds. Release and repeat as often as comfortable.
  5. Toe touches. Stand with your feet together. Bend over placing your hands on the floor directly in front of your feet. You may very well have trouble actually reaching the floor at first but just keep at it. Repeat at least ten times trying to get more of your hand on the floor each time. If at first you don’t succeed just keep doing it every day.
  6. Wall sits will tone your quads. Start by placing your back against a blank wall. Slowly slide down until your upper legs are 90 degrees off the wall then slide back up repeating as often as you comfortably can.

These are but a few available options for greater movement and better muscle tone. Many more will be presented along the way and I believe you should get creative and devise your own unique exercise routines. Just do keep them rational because what you absolutely do not want to do is hurt yourself while striving for better health overall. Just heed the advice of those adorable Marine Corps Drill Instructors and MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

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