Damn the Consequences part 4

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realization hits you
right between the eyes.

You chickened out a day or two before, remember? I am ashamed to say that I practically begged you to think about how much passion was in our kisses. I argued it could only mean that making love would be incredibly passion filled between us. It could possibly be the best sex of our lives. God, I was shameless. I had thrown myself at some woman’s husband! But it worked. I convinced you to not give up on us.

The day loomed closer … then I found the little yellow post-it with the address under my desk calendar. The hotel room was reserved. My heart flew to my stomach! I was sick with nervousness.

I asked if you would wait in the parking lot and walk in with me so that I didn’t have to walk in by myself. You agreed, so we decided on a time.

In my shower at home, I had to talk myself back into going. I was scared to death. Then I was afraid that maybe you wouldn’t show up and I would look like a fool for actually going. Was it a set up? Cheaters.com? I even passed the driveway of the hotel because I chickened out again and stopped at a gas station down the street to talk myself back into going, again.

You were right there in the parking lot waiting for me with a huge smile. I never did ask how many times you chickened out because I know you did.

The place wasn’t a dump either. You know how you think of sleazy motels when you hear of scandalous affairs? This place was nice, but then I don’t think you would take me to a place that wasn’t. You gave me the hotel receipt as a souvenir. I didn’t know if it was sweet or a joke at the time.

We walked to the door together. As you opened it, you stopped to look at me as if giving me a final chance to back out. I smiled, giving that last approval. The excitement was already building between us. As the door swung softly shut, I dropped my purse on the bed and we were in each other’s arms. The passion was so hot, it flared up instantaneously.

We practically ran for the shower as if to wash off our real lives. You were faster than I, my top and bra were already on the floor but I was still pushing down my jeans when I looked over at you.

You, in all your magnificence were leaning against the white granite-topped cabinet with a full erection and watching me with a look I’ll never forget. It was the first time I saw you totally naked and I liked it.

With that twinkle in your eye, you playfully tweaked my hardened nipple and reached out to cup both breasts with your warm hands. I could no longer concentrate on getting my damn pants off.  All I could do was stumble back with them around my ankles while I felt your weight pushing me hard against the wall.

You were assaulting my mouth and making demands that I am sure you thought I couldn’t keep up with.

Oh, but I did.

When your probing fingers found my moist center, I heard, felt and tasted the laugh in the back of your throat at your realization that I was as hot as you were and it made me smile even with our feverish tongues still intertwined.

Yeah, it was what I wanted and we were both going to work for it.

So far, it was nothing new, we had been that far before. The knowledge that we were finally going to be able to take it through to the climax was enough to make us stay on the edge of euphoria without going too far.

The bathroom was sweltering and steamy from the shower. You stepped away from me long enough to adjust the shower spray to a more comfortable temperature and I felt cool air hit my over-heated body. I stepped easily from those jeans as you pulled me into the shower with you.

We had the most incredible, mind-blowing sex of my life. Your warm, loving hands and clever lips were all over my body. I thought I would faint at how many times you took me over the edge. I wondered who taught you how to master the treatment of women and was soon to learn that you loved every part of a woman’s body and treated it with a reverence you actually felt. I was a little selfish taking and taking.

Never with anyone else have I seen this control over your body where you could take me to the brink and then use your hands or mouth while allowing your manhood to rest enough before continue again. I remember leaning my head against the tile and loving the coolness of it on my cheek.

After the shower, while toweling off, we couldn’t help it and made love again, this time you lifted me onto the bathroom counter to take me furiously with a fiery passion we were still feeling with considerable intensity.

We decided to run and get something to eat. We weren’t gone long.

We were like newlyweds. We couldn’t get enough of each other, going straight to bed for marathon sex. Seven and a half hours of delirious, wonderful making love to our hearts content. I don’t know how we did it. I was happily exhausted but ready to go again if you were. I guess we had to make up for all those months of anticipation. You are the only man I’ve ever been with that knew the secret to going for so long and for so many times.

It was almost midnight when we reluctantly walked hand and hand to the parking lot and you pulled me close to you at my car door. Reality was inching closer with the darkness.

We hugged a long time, it seemed as though neither of us wanted it to end … and then you had to go and remind me of rule number two: you were going to stay with your wife until the day you died. How could you? That was the worst thing you could have done to us when we were warm and loving from so many hours of sex.

“What in the hell was that for?” I looked into your eyes hoping I would find the truth there. Damn it, I felt used. I absolutely hated you at that moment for making me feel like a slut. The high was so high and now it was spiraling down. It was enough to have to live with what we had done but then you had to hurt me. My tears were stinging my eyes but you were such a bastard, I wouldn’t give you the pleasure of seeing them fall. They would fall soon enough. I felt like such a fool; I thought you must have been laughing all night at what you were getting away with.

“I am just reminding you that we have rules.” NMW