Donald Trump: Election night thoughts

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If you thought the last 15 months were draining, guess what? You now have four more years of it. As I write this, it is just after midnight and I am like many people trying to make sense out of what just happened. Donald Trump is set to become our 45th president and it is anyone’s guess what will go one between now and this time in 2020.

Trump: Love him or hate him, you have to give him credit for doing what no one thought possible. By upsetting the establishment, he becomes the first president elected who is not just loathed by 60 percent of the voters, but he is loathed by even a greater number of the party leaders he will ask to enact his controversial policies. He is also going to be a constant reminder to Democrats how they blew what should have been a slam dunk election by going all in with Hillary.

Here is what scares me most about Trump; we are liable to see the likes of Rudy Giuliani, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and that nut job cop with the cowboy hat on FOX News giving advise to our president.

While we did not elect a woman to the White House, I think we will see Ivanka Trump play a major role in advising her father. It’s almost too bad this election was not between Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton because they both have more to offer voters than Donald or Hillary.

Don’t assume Trump will deliver on much of his promises. Republicans in the House and Senate do not want to run on his message of “hate” and deliver him a wall or ban on immigration. Trump will need to expand his base more and for those voters who see him as a messenger of hate, they are not going to be impressed by him if a wall is built. Trump will have to be the one who gives an inch or more if he plans to run for re-election.

And don’t assume he makes it past one term. There were just too many voters on the fence this time around who will expect him to deliver more jobs and lower taxes to roll the dice on him in four years if he fails in these areas. That’s assuming he is not brought up on rape or groping charges or just gets fed up and decides to resign. Nothing should surprise you.

The crowd cheering for Hillary Clinton at the DNC (Douglas Christian)
The crowd cheering for Hillary Clinton at the DNC
(Douglas Christian)

Clinton: Like many Americans, I worry about what will happen with Trump in the White House. However, at the same time, I keep thinking of the Munchkins singing, “Ding dong, the witch is dead.” Yes, I hate all things Clinton and will look back at this election as being the year this nation was done with them.

Hillary has represented all that is wrong with our political system. Democrats went to great lengths, several of which were unethical at best, to maintain the status quo system we have in place and both Hillary and her party paid the price.

Democrats made the assumption the Clinton name paired with a lock on the female, Hispanic, and black vote would keep them in power for another eight years. The problem was not that this nation is not ready for a female president. If we were ready for a black president in 2008, it is safe to assume we have no problem with a woman calling the shots today.

Still, the DNC chose a woman who fails to be likable, the one quality that served Bill so well. While an expert on making policy, Hillary fails to connect with real people. The photo opps of her drinking beer, wearing a hard hart while touring a factory, talking to black leaders, and yes, even those debates, hurt her more than helped because it reminded voters how she just does not come across as a nice person.

When a party runs with a candidate like Hillary, whether male or female, and does not go with someone as likable as Joe Biden, they make a huge error in how they view the average voter. Most of us want to like the person we vote for. While we hated both Hillary and Donald equally, Hillary has been on the political scene far longer and for many of us, we were tired of the Clinton act. Personally, I was tired of it in 1992.

Oh Canada: Maybe it should be Oh Hollywood since so many stars vowed to move to Canada if Trump won. Start packing your bags and get the hell out of here. I say this not because you can afford to, but because I am sick of these celebrity Ass Hats trying to influence voters. I hope they realize we now live in a nation where people see through your bullshit and view you for what you are, just a bunch of wealthy disconnected celebrities who have no idea what it is like to be a common citizen.

Mexico: Why is it I see a Pink Floyd concert at the border in the near future? We can build the most beautiful wall in the world on our border and Mexico will respond by building the most impressive tunnels ever and they are more likely to make American taxpayers pay for them than we are to make Mexico pay for our wall.

As for labor, well, when I see angry, unemployed white Americans demanding they be hired to plant and harvest our crops, clean our hotel rooms, and cook our food in our restaurants along with the countless other dirty work we refuse to do, you have nothing to worry about. Well, there is one thing, the redneck factor. These are the ignorant turds who assume your brown skin color makes you an illegal which gives them the right to practice their brand of hate on you. Stay away from Kentucky.

Women: Guess what? Hillary lost, not because she is a woman, but because she wore out her political welcome in this country. This nation is not only ready for a woman president, it may well stand a good chance of getting one elected in 2020. She needs to have the political skill of Clinton and be likeable. It might help if she is a fresh face to the national scene and comes with a talented list of connections in high places. It is not far fetched to see California’s junior senator, Kamala Harris as that person.

I believe the GOP will also work hard to expand its female base by aligning itself with more women in leadership roles. No, I am not talking about the nut jobs like Palin or Bachman, but more along the lines of South Carolina’s governor, Nikki Haley.

Seriously, after a Trump presidency, this nation is going to need a strong woman to make us feel like there is hope after four or eight years of a message of despair and hate.

Supreme Challenge: Many wonder why the justices on the Supreme Court stay on so long. This election is the reason why. They love this nation and believe very strongly in what they do for it and are not about to see themselves replaced by a president they have no respect for. It is safe to assume there are four justices who will do all they can to remain alive and on the court just so Trump can’t wreck this nation with his appointees. I am not saying Trump appointees will wreck the Constitution because lets face it, how many appointees turn out to be the person the President or his party expected? Still, do you think Ruth Bader Ginsberg wants to see Trump select her replacement? At least she will sleep through his presidency, which is something many of us dream we could do.

Final Thought: With Trump being elected, cable news networks like CNN and FOX News look to be the big winners in all of this while Roger Goodell will be blaming the continuing decline of NFL ratings on the Trump presidency.



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