Elevator lunch break

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He pushed the button for the elevator wondering if he’d have enough time to squeeze in some lunch before heading across town for the meeting. A door closed down the hallway and he heard the confident quick steps of someone approaching.

Suite 603 had this gorgeous woman working there that he had seen but not yet met and he hoped it would be her. He had been in the elevator several times with her before and could smell her scent even with other people between them. She wanted him. He could tell by the looks she gave him.

Right before she came around the corner he could hear the crinkle of leather. The toe of her leather knee high boot came first and the rest followed causing him to want to make a quick needed adjustment.

She had straight blonde hair going all the way down to the curve of her hips, sexy brown eyes and long gorgeous legs that any normal man would want wrapped around him. And she wanted him.

“I could hear you coming down the hall.” But he didn’t hear the elevator open behind him.

“Yeah, leather is sexy.” She smiled and continued walking down the hallway. The elevator closed behind him. Her perfume lingered after she walked away and he listened to the leather creaking. He watched her short skirt and hair sway back and forth with her movements as she turned into the ladies room. Just further proof that she wanted him.

“Yeah,” he said. He made the needed adjustment and ran his fingers through his hair. He leaned against the wall to wait a minute. He wouldn’t mind missing lunch for her.

It wasn’t long before he heard the bathroom door open. She walked back down the hall, never taking her eyes from him. The sound of that leather with every step she took was totally turning him on. If it was just a few minutes later, people would be flooding these halls on their way to lunch but for now it was quiet with just the two of them.

He pushed the button again just to look busy and it opened right up. Damn!

She smiled again and turned the corner to go back to her office.

“Hey,” he said.

The leather clad steps stopped and back came the girl in the short skirt. “Yeah?”

“Going down?” He stepped in and held the door.

She tipped her head to the side as if to ponder the idea and gave him that smile that told him she wanted him. “Yeah.” The long legs stepped into the elevator just as the doors began to close.

He kissed that smile and it became hot. He reached in the low cut blouse and lifted out one full breast to suckle. Her fingers were in his hair pulling him to her for more.

He put his hands down to rub her bare thighs, then reached down to those sexy leather boots and all the way back up those long legs. She was already wet.

He almost told himself to slow down before it was too late but remembered how short six floors could be. Quickly pulling himself out of his pants, he pushed her lacy thong to the side and plunged into the hot moisture just in time. He groaned and held on to her for a moment before pulling out, tucking in and zipping up. The door slid open. Smiling at the glazed look in her eyes, he kissed the tip of her nose and walked out of the elevator while smoothing his unruly hair back into place.

He strode through the foyer to the front doors thinking, “I still have time for lunch.”