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The puppies rescued from the Prince and Princess puppy store fire, mentioned in a previous article of mine, are available for adoption from my favorite shelter, The Animal Foundation.

The puppies have been cared for and housed at The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas. In collaboration with their local rescue partner, A Home 4 Spot, The Animal Foundation is pleased to announce that the 25 puppies from the fire at Prince & Princess Pet Shop in January are finally ready to find their forever homes.

Interested in adopting one of the adorable pups? They are having an online drawing for the opportunity to adopt one of the puppies. In case you didn’t catch this story, Gloria Lee and her alleged co-conspirator Kirk Bills, were caught on their own surveillance cameras dousing the pet shop, in front of the puppies cages, with a flammable substance, lighting it on fire and leaving the puppies to what would have been a certain and agonizing death, if it weren’t for the sprinkler system saving their lives.

Puppies found in the store that was set on fire; (Photo provided by Christine Smith)
Puppies found in the store that was set on fire;
(Photo provided by Christine Smith)

For those interested in taking part in the adoption raffle here is some info from the email sent to me from The Animal Foundation about auction.

Entries are $250 each — the equivalent of each puppy’s adoption fee. Winning participants are subject to adoption requirements including, but not limited to, participation in a scheduled in-person adoption screening and home check.

To encourage the adoption of the incredible shelter pets available at The Animal Foundation year-round, The Animal Foundation will waive the fees for the adoption of one (1) animal at either of its adoption centers or any off-site adoption event through September 30, 2014 for Drawing Participants that have not been selected as a winner, if they present their entry receipt.

Raffle fee paid by Winner will include spay/neuter, microchip, up-to-date vaccines, a starter bag of dog food and a voucher good for a complimentary wellness exam at participating veterinary hospitals. An additional $10 city license fee will apply for Winners living in the City of Las Vegas or the City of North Las Vegas. Winners living in the City of Henderson must register their dogs with the City of Henderson (license fee is $6).

The entry proceeds from participants that are not selected will be used to subsidize future placements with the more than 70 rescue organizations that partner with The Animal Foundation. This effort will help save the lives of countless lost, unwanted and abandoned pets in Southern Nevada.

Some of the puppies in the pet store that was set on fire. (Photo provided by Christine Smith)
Some of the puppies in the pet store that was set on fire.
(Photo provided by Christine Smith)

Christine Robinson, Executive Director of the Animal Foundation, said, “We felt it was so important to use this opportunity to try to find incredible homes for our other great pets, in addition to the dogs from the fire. We receive an average of 110 new animals every single day. They all need homes. They all need love. They all need families. We are incredibly excited to be offering this opportunity to the participants of the drawing who aren’t selected to take a pet store puppy home.”

The Animal Foundation has received so many inquiries from the media and people wishing to adopt the puppies they decided a raffle where the winners will be randomly chosen by a computer will be the most fair way to decide which eligible families will be able to adopt the puppies.

What a great outcome to what could have been a horrible ending to these puppies lives.