Haiku from the heart for the heart

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Haiku from the Heartis Ron Irwin’s19th published book and it is nothing like any of his previous works. Haiku is a form of poetry, specifically a form of ancient Japanese poetry from such notables as Basho, Buson and Issa. Ron even begins his book with an explanation of the very unexpected and deep power old school Japanese Haiku had on him when he unexpectedly encountered it for the very first time when he was just 15 years old.

Suddenly the young Ron went from being passionate about nothing to being driven to get to Japan in particular and Asia in general. All of that from one small book entitled Cherry Blossoms: Japanese Haiku. Finally, just two years later he fulfilled his dream in the only manner available to him under his circumstances; he became a United States Marine.

Reaching back into that memory of the impact on him the day he finally arrived in Japan.  Ron offers these two Haiku poems:

A silk Kimono
Soft black hair, lovely smile
True beauty abounds

Rising sun lights sky
Cool air soon grows warm and soft
New adventure starts

 Ron’s first tour of Asia we learn was thrilling and joyous beyond words, so much so that he yearned to return which did about a year later. Only this time he went to Vietnam for an entirely different experience as expressed with somewhat less happiness than his first Asia experience with these two Haiku poems

Boom! Boom! Incoming!
Bright flashes shatter the dark
Welcome Vietnam

Brave Captain flies off
To a place we never were
Now forever gone

Other subjects touched on in this very unique book include how he fell deeply, passionately and irreversibly in love with the woman who would become his wife when they met for the first time in Hong Kong. Now happily married for 35 years he poetically expresses some of the many travel adventures enjoyed by him and his family over the years.

Finally, Ron offers poetic commentary on some of the key elements in achieving and maintaining a happy life. The style is not always perfect Japanese Haiku nor obviously was it written in the Japanese language. But it is a powerful and moving work certain to bring deep and often warm thoughts to all who read it. You can your copy right now at this website.

Ron also wanted me to let you know that he has pledged to donate 20% of the net proceeds from the sale of this and all of his books to aid American Veterans in need.