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It all actually started in December of 2012 in the Intensive Care Unit of a local hospital. I had briefly dropped dead and I was in a coma. An attending physician came into to my room and announced to me and my family that IF I survived I would have to be placed in a home because he said, I would never walk again. So to celebrate my 70th birthday on April 30th 2015 I walked from my Burbank home to the W Hotel in Hollywood, a distance of 14.2 miles on the route I chose.

burbankEach step was a tribute to the idiot doctor and a true joy for me. I had by then become a truly devoted fan of great health supported by a good and healthy diet and plenty of exercise — primarily walking. I had been slammed with obesity, congestive heart failure, diabetes and cancer — and beat them all. So the next year I did it again, this time with many other people joining me including film and television star Johnny Crawford, theatrical producer Donald Russell and radio personality Ellis Martin.

Then I had an epiphany. My annual Hollywood Health Hike needed to be bigger, much bigger in every way. I needed to bring hundreds maybe even thousands to the event not for fame, not for glory, not for money but for ever-expanding great health. My all-powerful goal is to do everything I can to help win the war on obesity and spread the true joy of great health to as many people as I possibly can. So folks YOU ARE ALL INVITED.

Capital Records
Capital Records

The third annual Hollywood Health Hike shall depart from an easy to access location in Burbank, California at precisely 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 30th, 2017. That location is no mystery; it is Kangan Water World, located at 1307 N. San Fernando Boulevard, Burbank, California partly because it is easy to find with plenty of free parking nearby but mainly because the very kind owner Harvey Branman always supplies me and everyone else on the hike with great filtered alkaline Kangan water for our hike and at no charge.

From there we will walk mainly along San Fernando Boulevard through Burbank and Glendale to Los Feliz Boulevard and then along Los Feliz Boulevard to Western Avenue to Hollywood Boulevard and then on to the W Hotel and the Delphine Restaurant for a nice lunch. That is a very pleasant 14.2 mile hike and that is where it ended, but not next year. In 2017 I am doubling down.

After our lunch break we will walk on straight down Hollywood Boulevard through the heart of Hollywood before turning onto La Brea Avenue and walking to Santa Monica Boulevard and then walking along on Santa Monica Boulevard through West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City and straight into downtown Santa Monica before taking our final break with a supper option. All combined this year’s Hollywood Health Hike will be right around 28.5 miles and some of the best sightseeing imaginable.

City of Beverly Hills
City of Beverly Hills

There is NO entry fee, NO registration fee. NO forms to fill out, NO tee shirts to buy, unless you want to and if you do simply Click Here. This is not to fund any non-profit, this is 100 percent about making a difference by setting an example and challenging yourself. And if the whole 28.5 miles seems a bit too much for you then you are welcome to start in Burbank and leave in Hollywood or start in Hollywood and walk with us to Santa Monica.

In fact if it just becomes overpowering you may always just call Uber and no one will think the less of you because at least you gave it your best shot. And just one last thing to consider, there is a very good chance we will be joined by a few celebrities creating some life long memories and great photo opportunities.

Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach

I know this seems like a long way off but it really isn’t, especially if your need to get yourself in better shape before April of 2017 it could take every available day. And while there is absolutely no registration required I do need to have a good idea of how many fine folks like you are coming along so that the restaurants can be ready for us. And yes you do have to pay for your meal but if you don’t want a meal then obviously there is no cost for that either.

So if this sounds like something you want to do, please simply send an email. Let me know if you plan on bringing other people and if so how many. But again this is not an obligation; I am just trying to get a reasonable understanding of the size of our group.

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier

So what do you say; are you up for a nice 28.5 mile hike or maybe just half of that with a 72 year old geezer who the doctor said would never walk again, and a few Hollywood celebrities? Can you do it with the no promise of a medal or certificate at the end but with no entry fee or paperwork? And just one note for anyone who might be coming from out of town, this will be absolutely the best Hollywood tour you could ever imagine. Are you up for this? Good! Then send me that email and I will keep you informed of all the details as they develop and I look forward to seeing you on hike day.

Lose-Live-CoverYes indeed walk for health and also for joy and then share your walking experience to inspire others. Please write and email your favorite walking experience to me at: helloronirwin@gmail.com. Where did you walk, what did you see, how long was your walk and anything else you want to reveal. Please include a few photos with your email. Submissions will be accepted now though November 10, 2016 and the winner will receive a free copy of Lose Live the ultimate guide to good health and weight loss.  Your story will also appear in this publication. Together we can feel great and begin to win the war on obesity and ill health.

You can, at any time, get your very own copy of my true and real guide to effective and permanent weight loss, Lose Live available at lulu.com, amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Just be sure to keep checking in right here for regular updates. And if you have a question or comment for me please send your email to: helloronirwin@gmail.com

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