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Father of the Bride: In my parents’ day, young men, often still teens, met young women, courted briefly, married, and then went off to war. In my day, we went to college, married shortly after college graduation, and fought our own internal wars.

At 61, I finally had the opportunity to walk one of my daughter’s down the aisle (or lawn). For me, it was the answer to a question I asked a faceless God while lying in the middle of the road near death from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident in 2007, “Who’s going to walk my girls down the aisle when they get married?”  I am glad I lived to find out.

Eliud Kipchoge Breaking the 2-hour barrier
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Eliud Kipchoge: The name may not flow quite as smoothly off the tongue as Roger Bannister, but when it comes to running, no one has probably ever been as talented as Eliud.

The world record holder as well as gold medal winning marathon runner recently became the first human to run a sub two-hour marathon. It may not be recognized as an official record given it was done under very strict and scientific conditions, but this should not dampen what he did. He averaged a mere 4:34 mph for 26.2 miles. Expect to see a sub two-hour marathon soon in an actual race now that the mental, as well as the physical, barrier, has been broken.

Am I Missing Something?:This time four years ago, I began to lose friends who were Trump supporters, primarily because of the level of hate they showed toward certain groups of people. I also lost friends who dropped me because I was not a fan of Hillary Clinton and did not hesitate to point out what I still feel were her short-comings.

Too often, Hillary supporters came off as being entitled. They felt since we had elected an African-American as president, it was time to elect a woman. I felt their choice was not any more deserving of the office as the clown there now.

Today, it seems as if female voters are much quieter despite having an abundance of candidates to choose from for the Democratic Party nomination. Am I missing something? Are women not all that fond of the choices they have or do they have too many to choose from? I still believe if women turn out in large numbers and rally behind a candidate, male or female, they can make sure Trump is a one term president.

Jessica Meir and Christina Koch on the International Space Station
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Speaking of Women: An all-female spacewalk recently took place and this should have been a much bigger deal than it was. Space, science, engineering, and math have long been viewed as careers for men only. Anytime walls are broken, opening a world of possibilities to people long neglected, is a great thing. Unfortunately, the media was too ho hum over this.  It seems they have forgotten their job is to report NEWS and not just cover the unhinging of a mad man.

Jane Fonda:  I don’t know why, but I have never been much of a fan of Jane Fonda the actress. I do know I grew up in a house where my dad sure as hell thought of her as a traitor when she was busy being Hanoi Jane. He would have loved to see her arrested, tried, and probably executed over her Vietnam protests. Now in her 80’s, she finally got arrested for protesting over climate change.

Time has a way of healing. There were more folks who seemed angered over her being arrested for caring about the planet than those still carrying a grudge against her. All I know is I still don’t care for her acting.

Pelicans star Zion Williamson
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A Fragile Star:  Looks like the brakes are being pumped on the start of Zion Williamson’s ascent to stardom in the NBA before his first regular season begins. Williamson looks to miss a few weeks or more to the start of the NBA season due to a troublesome knee. Given the way he plays the game and the enormous size of his body, this could become a pattern we see out of him. One minute he looks to be a man playing against children, the next, his body is breaking down under the forces he places on it. He will either have to change how he plays the game (not likely) or drop a good 25 pounds from his frame if he is going to become the next great one.

Attention K-Mart Shoppers: I have actually enjoyed shopping at my local K-Mart lately. There has been an increase of workers, more registers open, great deals, and even a table up front for people to apply for jobs. The only thing is, out front hang banners reminding shoppers the store is closing soon. Perhaps had they used this more shopper friendly approach to begin with, K-Mart might still be an economic force instead of endangered species.

Fitness Secrets: I am a fitness nut so I always open links that cover celebrity fitness secrets. There’s never a shortage of them and most are a total joke. It’s not that the exercises or diets they promote are bad, it’s that the sites never mention the thousands of dollars these people spend each month on private trainers, personal chefs, recovery massages, and the fact that they do not have to work 90 percent of the year. Otherwise, they’re just like us regular folks.

Running: I still love running as much as I did when I was in my 20’s. The problem is, it is so dark out now that daylight has grown short. My body also does not respond as well to the harder impact from running even though I stick to a soft dirt track or grass.

This has all changed now that I have been using the treadmill I took off my neighbor’s hands. I don’t have to watch my step for tree roots, rocks or dog crap, allowing me to just run freely and without thought. An hour on my treadmill in my garage is about the same as being a kid in school and racing the bus to the stop at the foot of my driveway on the way home from school.

Note to Joe Biden: Timing is everything.

U.S./Syria: With friends like us, who needs enemies?

G7:  Another middle finger has been extended by our little dictator over hosting next year’s G7 summit at one of his resorts. Wouldn’t it be nice if the other G7 nations flashed him their middle finger and turned down their invite? I just hope all those Trump inflatables we see from protestors in England make it across the Atlantic. They’re always good for a few laughs

  • Greg Hardy explaining his inhaler
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    Editor’s note: Since this was written President Trump has withdrawn his resort, The Doral, from G7 consideration.

Quote of the Year: I’d like to conclude with Greg Hardy, the former disgraced NFL player who has now turned to MMA fighting for a career. Hardy had this to say recently, “I did what I do in every situation -— I asked permission, I got permission, and I did what I was told.” No he was not referring to when he was busy throwing women across rooms or beating and terrorizing them. He was actually talking about using his inhaler.

Top photo: Jessica Meir and Christina Koch walking in space to fix the ISS (YouTube screenshot)