Super Bowl Sunday and snow days for you in the Sierras

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When Snow Days hit you with the same old message, “you can’t get to the gym, because you are snowed in,” or “you can’t go out for a run, or you will get stuck in eight inches of snow,” it kind of stuffs up your workout routine.

If I know the snow is coming tomorrow, I prepare to get some cardio in today and then make way for crunches and squats and lunges at home tomorrow. I have a six-year old who will also be snowed in, so I’ve found that making obstacle courses is a great way to keep him occupied, burn off some of that pent-up energy and keep me active to — oh yes, and we have fun!

I mentioned to one of my clients the other day how to add in exercise in her daily routine. I said that when she was waiting for the kettle to boil, she should squat for the whole time, or lunge. She said that wouldn’t be possible, since she would be choosing which cookie to have with her coffee. Honestly! 😉

Last year's Ravens' feast!
Last year’s Ravens’ feast!

The other issue with Snow Days is that they become eating days. I also was aware of this and spent much of yesterday preparing healthy soups and baking sweet potatoes so that we have healthy go-to food on hand, and we don’t use it as an excuse to binge on the sofa.

The upcoming snow day is not helped by the fact that prior to this day is Super Bowl Sunday, which is THE biggest eating day in the USA. Even bigger than Thanksgiving in terms of calories ingested, I’ve heard.

On the morning news I saw that someone in Seattle was making Skittle-Infused Sausages for the event today. Really? No, stop with this nonsense! These kind of food stuffs should be thrown off the planet!

Last year I went to two Super Bowl parties and did indulge, though. For me it was a new experience and I had not sampled some of the food on display before — like Monkey Bread! Wow, that was awesome — and so bad for you!

Americans eat 1.25 billion chicken wings on this day and roughly 1,500 calories during the game. Chicken wings, burgers, steak, ice-cream, caramel sauce — it may have become all about the food and the commercials rather than the sport …

Anyhow, I’ll be watching the commercials out of interest and supping on my kale and celery soup like a good fitness girl should. Happy Super Bowl Sunday and Snow Days!