Taking Note of a Few Things: The Ignorance Ain’t Bliss Edition

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Donald Trump is not the problem. The problem is that Americans have become ignorant. Well, his supporters have. If Democrats get mocked for being educated, it is time Republican voters are mocked for their stupidity. It’s easy to mock Trump and his sons. It’s also easy to mock the GOP, especially the likes of Green, Boebert, Gaetz, and Santos. However, it is time to mock the idiots who support these people and what they stand for.

If you vote Republican, you are a racist. There is no more of this “I support Trump’s policies and not the person.”  His policies are racist so if you support Trump, you might as well walk around wearing a hood.

Just admit it, you hate Jews, Blacks, Browns, Women, LGBQT, the Homeless, Vets, Unions, Muslims, Arabs, Immigrants, and people with college degrees. You oppose universal health care, Medicare, social security, affordable housing, and freedom of speech. In fact, other than the Second Amendment, you hate our constitution even though you have no clue the rights it affords idiots like you.

Your idea of a strong leader is someone who lies about his accomplishments, mocks the people you hate, encourages you to act out violently toward those you hate, and is quick to point the finger of blame at groups you don’t like. He bullies his party into submission, is quick to want to use the military on his own people, disregards our alliances, cozies up to dictators, and is easily bribed.

Your leader is illiterate and prefers pictures and few words for briefings. He surrounds himself with ass kissing yes men and attractive women with limited skills that require them to remain upright. He can’t cite a passage from the Bible but wants it to be the basis of the law of the land. Is insecure about his appearance and has to wear orange makeup, rely on a combover, and orders his doctor to lie about his weight. He pays porn stars hush money after having had to pay them to be with him, grabs women by the crotch and bags about it, and talks about how hot his daughter looks.

You take him for his word because you are too lazy or stupid to read multiple perspectives on any issue. You rely on media outlets with extreme perspectives that push conspiracy theories, deny what actually happened, and make promises that will never be delivered. Your vote is all that matters and when you die from a lack of medical care, it won’t matter because by then, your leader will have installed a dictatorship.

You are nothing more than a tool to be used to insert a fellow idiot, one who is a narcissist and thinks of only himself. You believe him when he says all the former employees of his who have flipped on him are traitors, so you do not have to admit to yourself what the rest of us already know; you’re an idiot who supported a loser who tried to overthrow the government.

There is no more talking sense to you because your mind is so closed, nothing will get through to it. You see yourself as an American Patriot because you wear our nation’s colors with your red MAGA hat in public and believe it makes you look great. Just so you know, you just need a red nose and oversized shoes to finish your clown outfit.

You attend churches that tell you how to vote rather than how Jesus would treat humans were he alive today. Your twisted view of relying on the use of guns instead of love or compassion borders on insanity. Claiming to be a follower of theLlord while demanding an end to the help of our most needy while ignoring the lack of taxes paid by the wealthy makes Democrats wonder how you function in today’s world.

You boycott Bud Light, replacimg it with a Mexican beer, then complain about how Mexico is ruining our country and push for a boycott of Mexican products. I know, the previous sentence is too hard for you to comprehend.

Now that I have finished preaching to the liber choir, it’s time I say the left needs to get their act together and fast. You can question Joe Biden and his age all you want. You can complain he has not moved the nation far enough to the left. However, he has yet to do a single thing that is a threat to our democracy or the foundation of our government. He, more than any third-party candidate, is the only candidate who will ensure our democracy remains intact for another four years. .

Who will Democrats rally behind should Biden step down? He is your only option who can defeat Agent Orange next year without a bloodbath of a primary that would threaten to fracture the Democratic Party. Now is the time to play the long game and that means sticking with Old Joe through next November. The polls might not look good now, but they are not so bleak they cannot be overcome. Trump has been campaigning around the clock since leaving office. Joe has hardly begun. We may have to wait a bit longer, but he will turn it around.

Now onto the really important stuff. I finally got a new toilet installed and boy am I happy. It not only flushes with great authority, but it is a tall toilet, so I no longer have to bend my knees so much to sit on it. It’s so comfortable, I thought about installing a small desk to set up my computer so I can work from there.

Why is it that office chairs on rollers never roll in a straight line? Mine insists on rolling to the right which is where my electric cords and trash can are. It has all the room in the world to the left, but it only rolls right. I am beginning to think my chair is a conservative because it only rolls right. Lucky my ass is a liberal because I seem to lean on my left cheek far more than my right.

Let’s see, the last two college football seasons have seen the University of Michigan improve to become one of the top two programs in the nation, which just so happens to coincide with their sign stealing scandal. Are we to believe head coach Jim Harbaugh had nothing to do with it? I am sure it is all a big coincidence. The louder one screams of an injustice, the less I am apt to believe him.

It took the United States 17 years to get out of Vietnam where we lost over 50,000 soldiers’ lives. It has taken less than a month for Palestinians to lose 10,000 citizens’ lives in the aftermath of Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Israel is in a no-win situation.They have every right to go after anyone associated with Hamas. However, how do you do that when they rely on innocent Palestinians as human shields? Providing citizens safe passage into neighboring nations only ends up providing safe harbor to Hamas. Bombing the hell out of Gaza might kill terrorists, but it also kills a lot of innocent people.

Palestinians are also in a no-win situation. They cannot get out of Gaza safely and are used by Hamas as shields. Then there is the humanitarian portion. They lack food, water, and any decent emergency health care all while their land is destroyed.

The more land and civilians lost as a result of the Israeli military is only going to create a future generation of Hamas terrorists who will want to continue their attempts to destroy all of Israel. If Israel allows humanitarian aid and passage for the people caught in Gaza, they are letting their enemy escape. This is where diplomats earn their keep.

AI has nothing on B-R. I don’t care how many songs from dead people AI creates for the public to enjoy, they have nothing on Baskin-Robbins ice cream. While AI is used for coming up with better solutions than man can create, B-R has come up with a new flavor for the month of November, Turkey Day Fixin’s. You can now enjoy the melding of sweet and savory side dishes like sweet potatoes, cornbread and cranberry sauce. Just be careful and do not use the gravy syrup on top. It’s loaded with tryptophan.

Mike Johnson is the new Speaker of the House, and he is not joking when he says he wants to take America backwards in time. However, while many in the GOP long for the days of the 1950’s, Johnson wants us to return to 18th century values. Yes, as in post-revolutionary America. I am always dumbfounded whenever right wingers speak of returning to other eras. How is it they never mention doing it across the board with technology, our military, transportation, or even the money these guys get from lobbyists?

Perhaps if we returned to our 18th century values, guys like Johnson would serve a term or two and then decide to return to their family farm in order to make ends meet. His slick haircut, expensive suits, and Bible toting ways are all disguises. Underneath it all is a bigot, homophobe, misogynist, xenophobe, and probably dog hater.

Don’t try this at home, unless it is for a science fair project. According to the Best By date on my jar of mayonnaise, I should have considered purchasing a new jar several months ago. In fact, half a year ago since mine was dated May 14th. However, that’s merely a suggestion. A better suggestion is to put it right back into the fridge as soon as you use it, and it will remain good well past its date. If only I could say the same about myself.

I have been watching a lot of Howard Stern videos lately. His sidekick, Robin Quivers, has lived an interesting life and maintains a wonderful perspective. She survived being sexually abused by her father. She became a nurse before joining the Air Force where she worked her way up to lieutenant. She has also been living with cancer off and on now for about ten years and still shows up for work every day. What an inspiration.

It appears our national nightmare is over, and we can all breathe a gigantic sigh of relief. Actors have approved a deal to end their strike and can now return to work. What does the new deal entail? After examining it very closely, I have determined that now 90% of all actors have a choice of either waiting tables for a living or living rent free in the basements of the ten percent who actually earn a living as an actor.

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck Texas. It is unclear whether it was caused by all the new residents who have been moving there from California or because of an influx of people sneaking across their border with Mexico. What is clear is that at only 5.2 magnitude, we can safely say not everything they do in Texas is bigger.

Somebody told me The Killers are finally getting around to releasing a Greatest Hits package. It’s long overdue from one of rock’s most entertaining bands.

Republicans continue to hold debates to determine who will be the most meaningful of the least important sack of non-presidential candidates ever. It’s never too late to enter your name. All that is required of you is you believe you matter even though you don’t.

Indiana Republican candidate and former member of the Clarksville town council, David Worrall, collapsed and died at his polling station while greeting people who came to vote. Apparently, he “promised to give locals a voice in government if elected.” If you ask me, it looks like he lied.

I know, I’m going to hell.

Will someone please explain to me how actor Patrick Dempsey was chosen by People Magazine as their Sexiest Man of the Year over me? The election was rigged. I was ahead in the polls until Dempsey’s people began their witch hunt on me and my family. I am telling you, the people who counted the ballots were employed by Dempsey and his people, which is clearly unfair. They call him McDreamy but we all know he is McCheater. Lock him up!