Third Annual Hollywood Health Hike

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On December 18th 2012 Ron Irwin dropped dead in his home. Entirely by undeserved miracle local EMT’s got his heart pumping and his unconscious body to the local hospital. At the time he weighed almost 300 pounds. Twenty-six days later he was released and began a long struggle to fully recover which to a large extent meant losing a great deal of weight for it was his obesity that brought on the other events.

Finally by his 70th birthday on April 30th of 2015 he had recovered enough to take his first ever Hollywood Health Hike of 14.2 miles. In 2017 Ron will take his third annual Hollywood Health Hike, still 14.2 miles and still for the purpose of making people aware of the rapidly growing monster of obesity that is sweeping our world and showing by example one of the tools available to beat that deadly disease.

And on a personal note his very own way of flipping off the medical doctor who on or about his third day in ICU told his family: “IF he survives, you will have to put him in a home because he will never walk again.”

There are NO FEES, NO REGISTRATION FORMS but you really do have to let Ron know that you are joining the hike and if you also want to join him for lunch at the Delphine Restaurant in the W Hotel, each at their own expense. For full details please just email: and put HHH in the subject line.

And if you want to know more consider these two books available at