Tiger Room hook up

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The Tiger Room didn’t look quite as romantic as she was told it would be. But the lights were dim and it was extremely lush with plants giving each table a secluded feeling. The waitresses wore skimpy outfits with tiger ears and a tail which kind of took the romance away.

She had taken extra care when dressing tonight with new matching red lace bra and panties. She wanted it to be special for him.

She was starting to wonder if he was going to show up tonight when she saw him being seated across the way by a tiger waitress. Lil Miss Tiger stayed a mite too long at his table.

They talked and laughed as she hoped he would look around and she could catch his eye. Damn, he was good looking.  Move on biatch, he’s mine.  She pulled her mirror out to check her make-up and hair.  Finally the waitress walked away.

Someone played a few notes on the drums and she saw that a band was going to play. Nice, maybe he would ask her to dance. She looked his way again. He was checking out the place. She thought maybe she should walk past his table so he could see her so she placed a napkin over her drink holding her table and grabbed her purse. Pulling the short skirt back down she walked past his table looking right at him. Of course he was looking at his phone and never looked up. Damn it. She went on to the bathroom.

She couldn’t see his face when walking past his table to return to her seat because he was facing the other way. She hoped he would notice her this time!

The band began to play some good 80’s music as she slid back into her seat. Her eyes went right back to him and YAY, he was smiling right at her. She smiled back while he picked up his drink and slid off his seat.  He was walking right to her table.

He sat the drink down and reached out his hand to her, “Hi, I am Luke.” He was so handsome. He didn’t let go.

She looked into his smiling brown eyes. “I’m Sarah.” They were still holding hands.

“Sarah, would you like to dance?”

“Sure.” He held her hand to help her off the seat and walk her the few short steps to the dance floor. They wove through the people already dancing to find a spot.

At the end of the song they stayed on the floor while the band introduced themselves. “Good evening everyone, we’re the Bucket List and I hope you enjoy the music!”

Luke turned and asked Sarah if she’d like to stay and dance again because it was such good dancing music from when they were growing up. Sarah was having so much fun; she laughed and leaned into him.  She had no intention of leaving his side.

They danced again. “Are you thirsty? Let’s sit this one out.” Luke led her back to her table. “Do you mind if I join you?”

“Not at all, sit down.” Sarah slid over a seat for him.

“So, do you come here often?” Sarah could see his eyes twinkle with humor when he asked.

“No, actually this is my first time here. Not exactly what I thought it would be.” She laughed happily.

“It does have a good band.” He reached for her hand again.

Luke and Sarah talked and danced some more asking questions about each other’s dreams and fantasies. They both were having a great time at The Tiger Room.

“You are beautiful, Sarah.” He leaned in to gently kiss her lips. She leaned into him putting her hands on his chest. She loved his firm, warm chest. The kiss became passionate.

“Can we take this to your place before we get kicked out?” Luke asked.

She didn’t answer just pushed her glass away and jumped off the seat. Luke reached for her arm to pull her toward him when she swayed a little reaching for her purse. “Whoa, honey. Did you have a little too much to drink tonight?”

“I must have.” She put a hand to her head.  “It was just so much fun doing this.”

“I’ll drive and you can get your car later.” They walked arm and arm out to his car. The wind was blowing and the sky looked ominous. A storm was coming in. Lightning flashed just as he helped her into the passenger side. He watched her lock the seat belt before closing the door and running to the driver door. Rain began to fall, quickly becoming a torrent on the windshield.

He turned on the windshield wipers just as he was backing out of the parking place.

“I hope you have your umbrella so we can get to the house.” She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

“I do, stop worrying.” He shook his head at her worrying about the rain.

They held hands the whole way letting go only when he needed to get out of the car. He opened her door and held the umbrella over her head as they ran to the porch. They kissed again as the rain pounded on the roof around him. She felt so loved and cared for in his arms. Smelling the rain with bright lightning flashes  and hearing the thunder outside like this was so much more romantic than the Tiger Room.

Luke and Sarah went into the house and straight upstairs to the master bedroom. They slowly removed each other’s clothes kissing and touching, laughing and talking comfortably, enjoying making love to each other. They lay in each other’s arms.

“Loved the red stuff,” He snuggled into her neck.

“I bought them just for you,” She smiled at his loving.

“Put them back on,” He suggested.

“No use your imagination,” She laughed and rolled on top of him.

“I will.”

He reached down to guide his already firming manhood back into her.

Luke opened his eyes to sunlight streaming into the bedroom and looked over at his phone. He still had his arm around Sarah and her naked body was curled so sweetly to his side. He wanted to take her again but knew he needed to get up.

He pulled his arm out from under her. “Since you drank too much last night, I’ll get the kids from your mom’s.”

She curled into his pillow. “Thanks honey that was fun. Let’s do it again sometime.” She practically purred.