Two tickets to The Torn Images, baby

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At the base of every popular teen-angst movie or television show, lies a me-against-the-world band whose lyrics, like, totally connect to that of a teenage mindset, as if telepathic, that bring together a group of high school students from different social scenes.

The O.C’s producers created the token fictional concert venue, The Bait Shop, as a social destination for characters to form new relationships (remember Ryan’s hot hookup with a punk rock Olivia Wilde?), drink too much beer out of plastic cups, and listen to bands who’s lyrics melodramatically address all the issues that come from being a young adult in a judgmental world that begs for conformity.

Think Simple Plan, but with a little — OK, a lot more talent. The O.C featured previously credited musicians such as Death Cab for Cutie and The Walkmen. Other bands, such as Rooney, and Imogen Heap, gained incredible popularity and publicity after their music appeared on the show. Another teenage hit, 10 Things I Hate About You, played puppeteer with the band Letters to Cleo as a means to spark romance between Kat and Patrick.

A newly established talent from Fountain Valley, Calif., The Torn Images could be the next reason a young boy and girl from opposite sides of the world, otherwise known as a public high school, go on their first date. I’ve got two tickets to The Torn Images, baby. Come with me Friday – don’t say maybe.

On that note, a Torn Images concert would make a memorable first date. They attract a youthful audience as their sound has that grimy, scratchy rock ‘n’ roll undertone, similar to Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins. Vocalist Briand Arabaca has a voice that cannot go unnoticed, and stands independent from other rock band singers. I recall the first time I heard Marilyn Manson’s voice – it pleasantly shook my bones to the very core. Expect a similar response from the opening hit, “The Drifting,” off their full-album, Reviver, released in November of 2014.

Upon first thought, a first date mis-en-scene feels juvenile and awkward. On the contrary, The Torn Images’ vibe gears heavily towards romance, rather than an internal, brain-bubbling riot that comes with meeting someone for the first time. Aracbaca explains that the British romantic movement of the 80’s inspired his sweet, blushing lyrics.

If there’s one song on Reviver that screams, “Make a move, guy!” it’s “Life on a Standstill.” Picture this: A boy and a girl stand side by side for the first time in a darkly lit concert venue. When the band electrifyingly emerges on stage, the boy glances over to see a smile on the girl’s face to ensure she’s having a good time. As the music plays, both he and she exchange playful, yet bashful glances at the other. Then, finally, as if in sync with the couple’s flirtatious tension, the music reaches a climactic crescendo and the two kiss. Every song – literally — every song off Reviver could have been the incentive for that first kiss. So, why not get your smooching on and give The Torn Images a listen. Or better yet, look into concert tickets as Valentine’s Day approaches.