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Fast women need no defense, they’re all good

On Facebook, I watched a clip from the first season of Beverly Hillbillies where Jethro tells Uncle Jed about a fast woman named Big Mouth Bradshaw. Her parents were gone and she had invited Jethro into her house for some fresh baked cookies. She had immediately started sashaying around and trying to get him to dance. Jethro said, “Listen Big Mouth, your ma and your pa is gone and we are all alone and you think I want to waste my time dancing? Not me sister! Bring on them cookies!” She held up two cookies and said, “which would taste sweeter, these cookies or my lips?” He grabbed the two cookies and it took him two miles to out run her! That’s when he knew that gal was fast.

Wikipedia doesn’t even have a definition of Fast Women but they was a discussion in an online chat and several people had ideas. One idea was posted that said during the gold rush, the ladies of the night had to pay for the rooms by the hour so if they were fast they could make more money. Sounds the most logical description to me and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to bring in an income, so not such a bad thing.

The Urban dictionary says, “Women who are easy to get in the sack.” They also have one for a Fast Man and it says, “He exists only for women to sleep with and they are soon after easily forgotten.” Pretty much the same for both sexes.

There are movies, books and songs about fast women, some about fast women and slow horses, some of fast women and fast cars. Women, cars and horses are all what men like. I still haven’t gotten to anything bad about fast women. Well, maybe the fast one that wanted Jethro’s cookies.

Maybe it is a reference to the clothes? Clothes can make or break you. You can be stylish or business-like or wear what looks sexy. Hmmm like when men wear those tight fitting tees where their muscles are bulging at the arms and chest. Or the jeans that fit just right on the hips … okay, see my point?

If you think she’s fast and don’t like it … move on. What is the big deal about fast women? Give me one good reason that will make them any worse than say…most men?

Top photo: publicity still from the film Fast Food Fast Women with Anna Thomson and Louise Lasser.

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