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I have written and have had published almost 50 articles and two books on issues of wellness, health, diet and exercise so it is only fair and reasonable that you know who is doing this and why. After all should you actually follow any of my advice it can have an impact on your life so a fair question is, “So who the heck are you?”

ronatcolony2My name is Ron Irwin, but that is really rather unimportant as I had no control in that matter, it was all my parents. But what I did with my life is very much significant to the issue of my credibility and motivation. I will begin with motivation.

In afternoon of December 18th 2012 at about 5:30 p.m. I stood up from the very desk I am sitting at right now and immediately discovered I could no longer breathe. Yes at first I thought it was just something stuck in my throat but it only took maybe two seconds to realize that it wasn’t that; what it was is that I flat out simply could not breathe, the lungs had just filled with fluid and quit. I was drowning in my home 800 feet above sea level.

As I quickly began to fade to black and fall face first to the floor I miraculously had just enough mental awareness to punch 9-1-1 into my cell phone and hit send. The very last sound I heard that day was a faint voice saying “9-1-1 what is your emergency?” I had no way to respond as I fell immediately into unconsciousness.

Three days later while laying on a bed in the Intensive Care Unit in a coma and stuck all over with hoses, probes and needles and blessedly surrounded by my loving family, some physician arrived and said: “IF he survives, you will have to put him into a home because he will never walk again.” The experience was horrifying and lasted in hospital for 26 miserable days. The day I arrived home it took me 15 minutes to walk up 15 stairs to my home and I was severely motivated to do everything in my power to avoid ever having to go through anything like that ever again. So there is my motivation.

livedielivecoverAs for credibility while in law school I worked as a legal researcher for a major corporation in Chicago. In so doing I learned very well how to dig for significant information and not just the law but the facts of every issue we dealt with. Doing that first as a law student and later as a practicing attorney gave me lifelong skills in ferreting out important information and I brought those skills to the task of rebuilding my life in a far more healthy way.

Learning everything I could about achieving and maintaining good health became my most important mission. I totally applied myself to the task and continue to do so every day along the way sharing the most important information with you.

The one overwhelming fact was: obesity is literally killing more than one third of our world population. Oh that is not just me speculating, that is from the Centers for Disease Control and many other highly credible sources.

For many people obesity is mostly ignored because facing it is after all about “body shaming” or some other absurd political correctness mantra. But ignoring obesity is very much the equal of ignoring that oncoming train speeding right at you. It is way more important than most folks understand. Obesity leads directly to such very deadly diseases as diabetes as well as various forms of heart disease.

So even as most people view obesity as little more than a concern over dress size or stretch pants, the truth is literally life and death and it is now my passion to educate and inform and offer valid proven ways to restore great health to all who genuinely seek it. And I will also add that you really shouldn’t depend entirely on your medical doctor in your quest for health because first and foremost medical doctors are all about treating disease, which is rendered less significant to their best interests if you actually remain healthy. It is true that medical doctors can and do provide important services in many ways but their incomes are far more linked to sickness than wellness.

So that is the short form of my motivation and my qualifications. I hope it has been useful to you and I hope that you will continue to read and be somewhat shaped by my articles. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I have truly helped to prevent someone from going through what I went through or worse, dropping dead and staying dead. Let’s face it, life is just so much more fun especially when it is healthy life.

If you want to read about my entire life adventure including my hospital experience and what I learned about all of the horrible things that can strike you by way of obesity you should read my book: Live Die Live Again. If you simply would like some guidance on how to shed some unwanted weight you should absolutely get a copy of Lose Live. Both books are available at: lulu.com or amazon.com. And I always enjoy hearing from everyone who has something to say about health and wellness so if you would like to have that discussion by all means send an email to me at helloroniriwn@gmail.com

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Walk Your Way to Better Health

Lose-Live-CoverYes indeed walk for health and also for joy and then share your walking experience to inspire others. Please write and email your favorite walking experience to me at: helloronirwin@gmail.com. Where did you walk, what did you see, how long was your walk and anything else you want to reveal. Please include a few photos with your email. Submissions will be accepted now though November 10, 2016 and the winner will receive a free copy of Lose Live the ultimate guide to good health and weight loss. Your story will also appear in this publication.

And join us for the Hollywood Health Hike. Together we can feel great and begin to win the war on obesity and ill health.

You can, at any time, get your very own copy of my true and real guide to effective and permanent weight loss, Lose Live available at lulu.com, amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Just be sure to keep checking in right here for regular updates. And if you have a question or comment for me please send your email to: helloronirwin@gmail.com

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